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Wrong rewards, again

I just received Brachi instead of Diplo from the weekly missions. Come on Lidia, can’t you do anything right???




I just claimed the weekly rewards since it reset, and I got last week’s rewards. T9 Exploration and T7 Defense and instead of Diplodocus, Sarcosuchus etc I got Maiasaurus and Brachio - the rewards of last week. :confused:


Same thing happened to me, I thought I would be the only one.

Same here… I was counting on diplo…

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same for me :frowning:

Same here…

When I went to collect this week’s Alliance Rewards I was expecting to get Diplodocus for Exploration and Pachycephalosaurus for Defense missions. Unfortunately I received last week’s rewards of Maiasaura and Brachiosaurus. I’ve seen other players in my alliance and on the Discord server we run also have this issue. Can you look into this?

Same issue with my alliance! Let us know if we need to reach out to help with our support keys @Ned et team.

Thanks for your attention to this.

I also got brachi and maia. Tho I cant remember what week this would be. I think its only the second week. Pleas correct me if I am wrong.

I honestly thought so too but apparently it wasn’t according to some people on the Discord server

nope. March 1st to 14th is what they announced image


we were expecting pachycephalosaurus and diplodocus.

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Thanks. My mind skipped a week then.

CrossBreeds alliance having the same issue. Incorrect mission rewards

Same for me

It’s across the board I was warned by my alliance to not accept the rewards because they were wrong but I don’t think it will make any difference :roll_eyes:

Anybody else get the wrong alliance rewards?

Yup I did, got brachio and not diplo

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got last week’s rewards. No tenonto or diplo :frowning:

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