Wrong rewards on tier 10 defense

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Bug Description: On defense rank 10, we should get more arctodus and cervalces, but the creatures changed

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go to alliance rewards
Step 2 - Check alliance rewards
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How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:

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Beat me to it I’ll delete mine :joy:

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And I beat both of you to it :rofl: :rofl:


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Except for the fact that a bug report like the one in this thread will actually reach the support team so they can do something about it. Instead of making a joke and then it doesn’t get fixed and then everyone is upset about it. I’m sure it’s visual but I’m glad someone brought it to their attention.


This so much!!! ^^^

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Tier 9 offers arctodus and Cervalces whilst tier 10 doesn’t give them.

This is perhaps just a visual glitch but this valuable DNA is definitely not worth the risks. Just a warning to community.

Try to control your JWA playing this week :rofl:


Hey DPG members, thanks for bringing this up to us!

I believe our team had just pushed a fix for this visual issue :eye: . Please try closing/restarting your game. :smiley:


Wanted to report that it has indeed been fixed! Thanks Support for the quick action on this matter!


I’m trying to make light of a situation and not just make a standard help thread. I didn’t mark it as one however as there is an auto template and just wanted to make it more lively. I didn’t know that it didn’t qualify as one if I didn’t make it as one. Sorry if I caused any confusion - but I was just trying to help.

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Just checked this weeks rewards rank 9 exploration new deer/moose and bear in the line up rank 10 different set of creatures, is this a bug or intentional?

I left my incubators at 6 and today i went to get from 6 to 10 incubator rewards (coins ,cash) but it was at the 10th incubator without me clicking anything. Where are the coins and cash from incubs 6-9 ?