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Wrong rewards?

So I did the anniversary sent tower and was expecting to get a 3rd year anniversary sent, but then got LAST YEARS sent! Why’s that? Shouldn’t we have gotten a 3rd year sent? @Ned you know why this happened?

I’m sorry that happened, GIGAKING. Our team is currently investigating this!


can you tell us when it’s changed or if ti will be that way I know which scent capsule to pop before the day ends

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I’ll try to provide an update ASAP once I get one from my team :+1: .

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While it is a mess up on Ludia, I actually don’t mind getting the last year sent ngl the creatures are pretty decent.

Yea but I would still like the sent. And plus I have last years sent

Just happened to me as well , was kind of exited when I read this post as I didn’t play last year

Hey DPG members, please try closing and restarting your game now.


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It’s fixed!

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Oh, so THAT’S why I was able to do the scent Strike twice today! I was so confused! :rofl:

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