Wrong Showcase


So I bought two of the showcases but both of them were from last week and not the new indoraptor one? I was wondering if there is any way to fix that, cause it was a lot of money for something I didn’t want.


I had the same problem. I opened one and even though there was no dino on it at first, when it actually began to open it had the Concavenator on the front and everything inside was from last week.

I’m probably going to contact support, but it’s good to know someone else had the same problem.


Hey there, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened, but our support team would be glad to look into your account and help to the best of their ability. Please contact them at support+forums@ludia.com, and if you can include your support key in the email that would help us find you in our system faster.


I had the same problem, and soon mailed to the address.
(About more than 3 hours ago)
But only got auto reply mail until now.
Just hope Ludia support team can aggressively deal with this bug.


I just contacted my app store support (for me.it was google play) and asked for help and they suggested to demand a refund. So i demanded a refund on the dollar package i bought ib order to purchase the showcase boxes with the wrong content and they gave me a refund.


Yea, from what I know, a lot of people actually had this problem. I mean lol who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get Indoraptor from a cheap incubator?


Sadly, the IOS App Store is a little bit iffy on bringing people refunds from what I know. I have dealt with it in the past.


@Tarbosaurus Yea I’m in the same boat with that