Wrong tournament reward

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Bug Description: tournament reward is wrong

Area is was found in:tournament

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- play tournament
Step 2 - hope you get acknowledged!
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:this is the first tournament that did this to me

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 6
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Me too! It did not count my trophies and showed just 0 trophies on ranking at the end so I stopped playing. Instead of 600 HC I just got 10 despite having a pretty decent commons lineup which allowed me to get more than 300 trophies. Why bother playing? I won’t play any more tournaments from now on…

Same issue!

Looks like we both took screenshots after the tourney was over, but we both show different numbers of players entered into it. I wonder if this means there are at least 50 people with this issue

I get 210 point but not get correc rank and reward

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I only received 10 cash for the tournament I was at Around 300 trophy count wth!!! It was saying I had 0 trophies and that’s not the case! I am a consistent battler and I do great at all the tournaments… I am very disappointed and dissatisfied… gotta love paying for a game and then not get all the perks I should be receiving in general… please it’s hard enough to level up let alone not get the right rewards I earn to be able to level up my Dino’s…

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I had 345 trophy, but I got 10 cash :frowning:

Screenshot_20200127-024947_JW Alive Screenshot_20200127-024953_JW Alive

In case u dont realize I have 60 points or whatever u call those and zero on the leatherboard Âż?
Great coding :clap::clap::clap:

Probably the same issue as the alliance leaderboard that Ludia never bothered to fix in 1.12 because they never listen to us.

This is not a meme, and ofcourse I already restarted the game, it fails soo much that everything strange i automatically restart it.

Ludia I want my hard earned money. Little or not, i earn it

Just lost 3 battles to see if it restarted or fix it but just won another one and still doing the same, no points accumulated.

Screenshot_20200127-033917_JW Alive Screenshot_20200127-033929_JW Alive Screenshot_20200127-033937_JW Alive

3 Won and nothing from Ludia

I know what u mean I’m always last regardless of how many trophies I have.
There is no way fixing that is complicated, they just dont care, or they programmed it in a really and unnecessary complex way and made it harder to fix.

Same exact thing happened to me last tournament.

All I got was the participation prize, support didn’t help me at all.

I SHOULD be top 500…

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You should be here

Ludia do right for us.
U owe us that much

This is wrong
Screenshot_20200127-124416_JW Alive
Fix it

I just stopped playing once I realize I wasnt earning trophies but someone posted yesterday having enough to be in the top 500 and was given 10$.
That have to be fixed and compensation is a must.

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They shut down what thread?

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