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Wrong Trophy Count - Matchmaking Issues

Bug Description:
The Trophies get counted/awarded wrongly and I suppose, this is messing matchmaking/awarding trophies even more up.

assumed outcomes/problems:
because of the wrong trophy count I get:

  • matched with wrong opponents
  • lose more trophies, than I should

Yesterday I was at 53xx trophies and started going on a losing streak. While I got deducted around 50 trophies for every loss (after battle) and saw the new amount correctly deducted in the battle screen/arena, the trophies didn’t get deducted in the ranking, keeping me still at 53xx trophies in the ranking. More so: I even advanced up in the ranks when I got the odd win (for around 10).

I kept on losing 50 trophies, even against people, who were “near” my real trophy count - but in the ranks I was still at 53xx, eventually even advancing into 54xx ranks - but dropping down to 51xx in reality.

This doesn’t get fixed through new start or anything. This morning (10+ hrs later, freshly started) I lost two games, got deducted 50 trophies against people, who are around 100 trophies lower than me.

I’m at 5075 trophies in reality, but get displayed at 5401 trophies in the rankings. While these 5401 should put me something around rank 260, I’m displayed at rank 500 with my 5401 trophies.

Don’t tell me, it’s gonna refresh eventually - this is an 10hrs old issue, and the wins still add to the wrong, higher trophy count.

Totally messed up.

PLEASE: When I have to face all these op dinos, make at least the matchmaking/trophy awarding work in the right way.

assumed outcomes/problems:
because of the wrong trophy count I get:

  • matched with wrong opponents
  • lose more trophies, than I should

Area is was found in: Battling in Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Go into battle, win/lose, get trophies awarded/deducted.

How often does it happen: ongoing.

What type of device are you using: Samsung S7


If a topic gets reviewed for 6+ hrs, it should at least be released eventually with a recent timestamp - otherwise it’ll be lost somewhere really far down - especially on a patch roll-out day… :wink:

Anyway, this bug still persists - even after latest update.

This is a real issue. Anybody looking into that?

Hey qwertz0815, the Trophy amount displayed in your Battle menu should be the correct ones. However, if your Trophy count is not updating in the leaderboard, our team would be happy to take a closer look if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

Hi @Ned

thanks for getting back that quick.

This is not (only) a personal issue. I’ve got at least 4 people in my alliance alone, which are at lower levels in reality (battle screen) than in the “virtual/unreal” ranking.

Therefore I want to point out, that I think this is an issue on a big scale and worth the devs having a closer look into the whole trophy thing.

I know, that the trophies in battle menu are the correct ones, but the problem is the indication of the fact, that the system also has us (in a regular returning matter) at a way higher “virtual/unreal” trophy count - And that virtual/unreal trophy count seems to be the basis for matchmaking/trophy rewarding.

It explains, why people lose 50 trophies against players at the same (real) trophy count - which shouldn’t be the case.

Even if we refresh/reset/restart everything and everything is correct (after a while) and in line before start of next battle, as soon as that next battle is over, we’re back at the “virtual/unreal” trophy count.

I understand your concerns. Our team had made some changes to the matchmaking, which will explain why you might be matching up with players at a higher Trophy count.

More information on Jorge’s thread here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | PvP Matchmaking and Mitigating Last Tournament’s Exploit

However, if you think you’re having problems, do not hesitate to contact our team.


:frowning: I do know this posting, but my report does not point in that direction and that posting doesn’t explain, why we lose 50 trophies against teams at the same (real) trophy count.

The bug we are encountering would/could…

I’ve got the feeling, I’m misunderstood and the implications of my bug report are not quite obvious. I’ll try my best in the mail to the team.

Trophy count is not the main factors in tje trophy system… dino levels are hence why i can beat someone 400 trophies lower then me and take 50 trophies because they had a 29 suchotator on their team and only take 30 from someone 100 trophies less then me cause our teams were closer to level.

This system is
Level>trophy count>boosts…
If i had to say the ration is like 85% level/14.9% levels/ .01% boosts.

Not saying your not experiencing a bug but the team trophy count is largely irrelevant when compared to team level.

The right method would be to clearly explain the calculation rule rather than to send something vague and inappropriate, but if Ludia could communicate, it would be known…

In any case, even if this new system works, it is a failure. When you have a ranking, everyone must be able to progress fairly or else you make categories, it works very well like that in all games.

Okay, I don’t know what the main factor is, but the point is: I’m clearly experiencing a bug (not only me, many in my alliance)

I do have two different trophy counts:

  • a real one (atm around 51xx)
  • a unreal/virtual one (atm around 55xx - yes, it’s increasing)

I’m not experiencing/seeing that different count every now and then - No, EVERY time after a battle. Even if everything was fine beforehand (after a while, a restart/refresh).

I suppose actually many people have this bug, they’re just not aware. Because you do not look in the rankings after every battle and have a look/compare.

Maybe you’ve got that bug as well. Just check after your next battle. Compare your battle screen trophies to the ones in the ranking.

And I’m not talking about a little lag syncing. We’re talking about 400 trophies off here.

Exactly the same situation for me long reported in vain to customer service with all the necessary screenshots.

Same here. Every win I’m getting exactly 10 trophies and every loss I lose 49!

I have the same problem since 1.7 update. I found after 1.7.30, My IPAD mini had no problem, but this problem still exist on my andriod cell phone.

I had this very same problem. Clearing cash helped solve it. I guess that’s in “settings” on Android; on an iPhone, you have to uninstall and re-install the app. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I just made a post in regards ro this happening to my alliance members. I took screenshots 5 days ago and he had like 3172 trophies. Still has 3172 today in the alliance tab so i gabe him a warning amd he was very confuses. He then sent me a screenshot and hes above 4k trophies now.

Thanks, but that doesn’t help me. It’s not a phone/cache related issue. It’s a server/system issue. I clear cache everytime already, just to get everything in line again. But as described - after the next finished battle it’s out of line again.

The gap between real & incorrect trophy count is actually increasing. I’m at “unreal/virtual” 5611 trophies now - slowly advancing into Top50… where I’ve never been in reality.

My real trophy count is 5046.

And I keep on losing 50 every match and only wining 10. That is definately down to my “unreal/virtual” trophy count.


I solved it for myself eventually. But it did not work 1st time. 2nd try solved it:

Clear cache
Erase all Data

No problems since then.

And I’m getting better matchups now and more evened out trophies awarded (not only -50 & +10 anymore)

Hey qwertz0815, I’m happy to hear that your Trophy number in the leaderboard was fixed.