Wrong turn order

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Area is was found in: Library

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- opponent uses procerathomimus with 137 speed
Step 2 - I bring in a 137 speed erlidominus after opponent defeated my previous creature
Step 3 - opponent is going first on the next turn even though we are the same speed and I have the higher rarity.
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How often does it happen: once

What type of device are you using: ipad

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Hey Saxist01, did Procerathomimus use a priority ability?

Is Procera had higher level than yours? Then rarity won’t be effective. Its only works on same level and speed.


Procera used nullify strike on indoraptor2 the previous turn, defeated him, and then I brought in erlidom.

Ah, I thought rarity was the first tie breaker. Guess I was wrong.


I’m glad to hear that it was cleared up! :smiley:

Our FAQ here also some more information for speed priority:

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