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Good game man.
From: xballz2ux


I feel like your gamer name was meant to have an S in there some where ?? :thinking::sweat_smile:

Side note… @wrothgar lives?!


Haha yeah it’s a old gamer name that I couldn’t change. I played you once too but you killed me haha

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Come back @wrothgar !!


Haha sorry about that bro!
I hope it was a fun match at least.


As far as I recall he did say he wouldn’t play competitively, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he pops up now and again.

I do miss his gameplay videos though. :pensive:


We miss you @wrothgar!

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it was a good lesson haha. it’s cool seeing a name I recognize after the battle from JWA forums and I am like woa I just played against one of the avengers haha


Reckon Hersh would be Iron man? :thinking:


I had a match with Fodder yesterday, that was kind of cool. His level 22 draco g2 was a PITA to overcome, but I pulled it off thanks to Queen Tryko :kissing_smiling_eyes:


@wrothgar was a great addition to this forum. His positive attitude was always in tact even when he was down on the game. Everything he typed he put thought into and was always constructive and considerate from what I have seen. Hoping he joins us again!


He is still playing. Just spending more time enjoying the game with his family and less grinding trophies. I will extend your well wishes to him. I am sure he will send his back!!!


He does indeed send greetings back to all his friends here!

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So is @wrothgar coming back?
Was it pronounced @wrothgar or @wrothgar?
I think @wrothgar was a nice person.
Wait, where is @wrothgar?
Idk where @wrothgar is…



he was, prolific, i’ll give him that.


Less than an hour ago


Why did you scribble it out?


Cuz it was Wroth-something else :slight_smile:

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Because we aren’t supposed to identify players.

Is that not correct?


That is in fact not correct.
Nowhere in the rules does it say we cant show pics while including a player name.
“Naming and shaming” is not allowed.