WTF is this? Ludia you just secretly doing this


Look that weak Damage
You did, but no announcement
I believe that you deserve a one star rating.

(I can’t imagine a company that would do such unprofessional things.)



They literally ruined my tournament, trashing one of my main team dinos whitout having any decent replace for him, i literally risked my life for 3 weeks catching all these dilos to lvl mine to 21 for nothing and all these coins…0 motivation now and thinking canceling vip and uninstall this stufu game


Those folks bought dilopho rare incubators must be crying…


It’s still better than ouran. But I agree a 230+ nerf is too much tho.


How much damage was it doing prior to that?


If i dont remember bad at lvl 21 before he has 1045 dmg doing whit the stuning devastation 2090 dmg or something like that. Now he have 810 or something, doing whit the same attack 1600. That dmg is to a enemy who havent any armor, the dmg to a tank is a joke xd a stegodeus can do 2 k dmg piercing defense and being incredibly tank and utility. Then we have this dino who now dont do dmg and dont tank and if he dont stun he cant even swap. Anyway they will not revert nothing cause his balance team is a joke, another useless dino only for colection i guess


Wow, thanks, Ludia. This seems too much for me.

I used to use Ourano in my team, before Dilorano released. And…they nerf its (also other Hadrosauriform’s) speed.
And now, they took dmg from Dilorano, which I spent so much time (and some cash for incubators) to evolve until lv21. Why do you do that?

Now Dilorano seems nothing better than Stegocera, which is just an easy to level up epic class hybrid.
Thanks a lot.:man_shrugging:


I fought a lvl 16 about 3 weeks ago and his dmg was 860. Are you saying your lvl 21 now has damage in the 800s? If so, that is bad…


I just looked back at the OPs pic. Yep. It’s a 200 difference. And I was super stoked that dilo had a lengendary :frowning:


This is just gonna keep happening. People where so happy when raptors took a hit because they couldn’t work their minds around concept of speed after it had been taken away in Pokemon go lol. But then I knew it for what it was, the beginning of the eternal content rebalance. Whenever meta settles and people feel like they don’t need to spend anymore to have fun in game. Along comes some behind the scenes reworking to change the rules and make us have to go out and catch the creatures to make whatever hybrids they port over from their other game. Spend money on Inc and coins to power them up cause they will become the new oop Dino’s and then come full cycle once the meta settles again. There are loads upon loads of hybrids that are going to trickle in like this. Also a few real Dino’s. This is why no pterodactyl or mosasorus yet. If a creature is fairly new and has op lvl power maybe wait a month or two after its released to see if it gets nerfed before powering it up seems to be only way not to waste resources


But why nerf a dilo when he was ok, and not stegodeus or stegoceratops? I have a near lvl28 stegodeus and can tel you i broke a whole team whit him, even if the rival is a spoofer whit uniques at 25, and stegodeus and stegoceratops are freaking easy to overlevel, meanwhile dilonarosaurus i must go to 2 far diferent zones in my city and pray i get 1,2 of his ingredients per day…