Wth? Battle bug?


What on earth is this? I killed his Dino (as you can see his health is at 0) but his Dino was still able to attack me after and stun me? When he should be dead?? Has that happened to anyone else?


Yes it has happened to me as well as it killed all my Dino’s before I could even start the match. I didn’t even get to attack once.


It’s super weird, I’ve never had a problem with the battle arena like this before. Needless to say I lost lol


I did too and very horribly,lol


I just hope it was a one off and doesn’t happen again lol


Ah, one of the notorious “Ludia Glitch-Bots”…

Well, either that, or It’s someone with a hack in place.


That looks like a hacker to me. I have yet to encounter any yet (Arena 4 as of this post), but I’ve seen that a few times on the forum.


What’s funny is they just had an op “out” himself with a screenshot. It was a glorious public de-pantsing!


Hahaha yeah I saw that and had to comment. A cheater complaining about other cheaters, hilarious :joy:


I just lost to possibly a cheater? Was winning 2 to 1, think I had Utah and he brought out kentro, all of a sudden as soon as I pick my pounce the match ends and they win… Somethings up with the games in arena 7 now.


It’s not just in arena 7. I get a lot of it in Nublar Jungle, and it’s happened in S.S. Arcadia, as well.


There are many ways to cheat: infinity darts, gold, event dino attempts. But Ludia can’t care less.

Play what you’re given and pay your money to them.


I’m not sure, but I believe the sudden loss is a client side bug. At least sometimes you can reenter the battle after that (hurry up though, or you will actually lose, lol).