So this thread is about dinosaurs that have absolutely no use whatsoever and are a complete waste to dart.

I’ll start.

Edmontosaurus. Just why?


We don’t know hybrids happen. Deinocherius is needed at lvl 20. Diloracheirus Unique SuperHybrid (Diloranosaurus + Deinocheirus)

Suddenly you don’t have enough.


I live in zone 1 and they spawn EVERYWHERE… From bird side view I think it’s a megalosaurus but nah … :sleepy:


My Level 14 Triceratops gen.2… I didn’t dart all of them but I did spend the coins leveling him up…dont know why lol

Edit: after looking at my dinos I’m adding some, My Level 14 (soon to be 15) Nundasuchus, Level 13 Ophicodon, Level 11 (Could possibly be leveled up to 13 maybe 14) Irritator Gen 2. Level 11 Apatosaurus. I don’t know why I spend tons of coins on leveling these dinos but hey.


This one is so bad. Good call.


I remember briefly loving Eddie! He was one of the first rares I got and my first approach to hit & run, which made arena so much fun back then! I guess it’s cool to have a variety of dinos when you are starting the game, but the more you play, the more you tend to aim to the ones with the most potential.


Purrasaurus (both gen), Lythronax, Iguanadon has to be the most useless by far. Concavenator is the worst epic, and Carnotaurus is pretty bad too.


you know how many dilophosaurus i passed up before the last update because they were “useless”? then, wham… diloranosaurus comes out, and then dilo’s zone moved :sob:

you never know. if it’s rare+, dart it.


I have never once darted a Triceratops G2, yet somehow find myself with almost 20,000DNA for it… which also goes to show just how useless some battle incubator prizes are.


I used to pass up Ouranosaurus before the 1.3 update because I always saw it and it was pretty useless… now I NEVER see one anywhere.


really? i never pass up any epic. ever.


I do that now. Heh… you should see how much Gryposuchus I have. Stupid thing is everywhere around here.


Iguanadon! :man_facepalming:t3:


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Can’t unsee


Not epic, but do I have to get this dna EVERY time I open an incubator?!


Dracorex gen 2 anyone?


Dilophosaurus gen 2. I got a 24 hour incubator and got about 2000 useless DNA. Thanks, JWA :angry:. Couldn’t have given me something useful, eh?


Looks cool though. Dilo gen 2 looks like a duller version of regular Dilo.


Stygimoloch gen 2.
It’s literally just a worse version of Stygimoloch, but you unlock it later.