Wuerhosaurus VIP Tournament - 8/10/2019 - 8/11/2019

What kind of mad logic is this?


Whoa, looks like they might have fixed it! I just jumped up to Survivor league. Difficulty levels appear to be fixed too.


Tournament seems to be fixed now…

Also after a battle the SDNA missions registered.


Thanks for the update @Mary_Jo. After a restart I’m in dominator now.
Now I have to cancel the cancellation of cancellation of my dates.:wink:


Hey @Sionsith, any odds on where dominator league will end? I wasted lots off good Dino’s on the first run and the other weekend events. I am at 400 trophies now, hoping it will hold with 400/500 trophies?

Yeah I’m really glad I stopped once I got a single win on the board, I was able to move up the ranks as normal once they got it reset and am currently at 61st in Dominator with 341 points and plenty of my best dinos still fresh in spite of using a bunch of them for the PvEs. Bottom of my bracket right now is at 229.

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Glad someone played smart :smile:

LOL, yeah sometimes even for being a novice player, I do make smart decisions. :slight_smile:

I decided to run through all my best dinos and see how high I could get before the battles became too hard for me. Well, they never did! I knew the VIP tournament would be a bit easier than the normal one, but looks like you really don’t need anything higher than the level 20 VIPs that comprise most of my teams even at the top of Dominator (well at least as far as I got!) I’m actually now in striking distance of 1st place, amazing!! Will have to see how things have progressed after my CD times pass but that’s going to be my goal, to see if I can actually hit first place.

Now for the really important question of the day… exactly how many people are you dating @Tommi ??!


If I’m reading right, this isn’t an unlock…just a prize pack with a guaranteed Dino. Sí?

That is correct it’s the equivalent of getting one of the 50k packs in the market. If my memory serves me correct.


I have been away from my PC all day hoping in about an hour or so I will be able to get on and set up a tracker for the data to get some sort of trend analysis. I will post on here once I do. I am hoping your 400 or so trophies will be enough.

Thx sir. I can’t get into dominator tonight…not strong enough yet. Got to 30 in predator, but tapped out. I was fortunate enough to grab a prize pack of the prized Dino when I spun the predator wheel right after getting into that bracket. So, though two would be nice and greedy as well, I’ll sleep well knowing I tried and still met the goal for the weekend!

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I can’t tell you, my wife is checking my posts.:slight_smile:

I am sorry I did not send data for your statistics yesterday. I was too stressed after the initial problems in this tournament.

@Mary_Jo, the end of my league is 298 at the moment. I think you are on the safe side if you win 2 or 3 battles today.

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Oh I did more than just win a couple. My goal for this one was to try and reach the top. Actually wasn’t that hard…and I got a nice Aquatic pack as my reward for that last battle to take the top spot. So that should be good for me for the day.


If you win your league you will see fireworks and a huge parade.
Meaning, it would be really a motivation to get an extra reward for finishing in the first ten or three of dominator. I would not often get those rewards because in normal tournaments I finish between 30 and 50, but maybe I would invest if it was (is, would be, will be…I don’t know) worth it.

Yeah I agree, they should have something extra or special for winning your bracket. I don’t think I will try to stay there since there isn’t but I just wanted to try and hit the top at least this time since I knew it would be possible, in regular tournaments I still don’t have nearly the level of dinos to do it.

Bummed to find out this isn’t an unlock but I guess that makes sense. At least this will be my second one, so that will let me evolve him to match the rest of my lvl 20 VIPs. With their long cooldowns, I’m always seeming to need more herbivores in particular.

Data Data Data:

The top of the league seems to be a bit off in my projections and based off of everything going on with this tournament I am going to leave that data off. The bottom of Dominator seems to be acting more normal when compared to other VIP tournaments, albeit quite a bit higher than the last tournament.

Projections at this point are bottom of Dominator will be around 415 ish trophies +/- 20 trophies. If you want to be safe and not cut it close shoot for 500 and you should be fine (always follow your own bracket though to ensure you are safe).


I think solid projection @Sionsith at least for my bracket.

I might aim for #1 as there’s nothing else to do for my Jurassic’s today and the Dominator wheel gives at least solid DNA prizes.
Though I’m always a bit disadvantaged on 1 Day tournaments in my Asian timezone, coz to late for start of the tournament (some cool downs won’t be ready).