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Wutang Alliance Looking to recruit! Come join the Wu Tang Clan

Hey there, looking for a group? Tired of getting rejected or your favorite group is filled up to the brim. Look no further! We are recruiting new members of any level and we are helping those who want dna :dna:. Just message me and I will fill you in and I don’t require anything unless your online and helping others! It’s that easy! Join today!! We have about 25 members and looking for more!

wait… wheres ghostface. and the rza the gza or the odb?? if they are in there ill join :grin:

great idea btw.


We got about ghostface the others went solo XD

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If you have anyone who wants to join just refer them to me :3 I appreciate the help!

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:raised_hands: Digging the name. Hope it grows into a great alliance :raised_hands:

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I know soon it should be recognized but no one is biting :frowning:

We are slowly growing and willing to help people who want dna :dna:. Join wutang today! Any level can join ^.~

We already got 12 members and looking for 38 more lucky contestants to join us :slight_smile: please screenshot your user names and I will add the lucky contestant to join our big happy family.

Im rza. Can me and gza join

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Just send me your code and I will add you

U didnt get the joke. Gza and rza are the leaders of wu tang clan…

Dolla dolla bill yall

Exaxtly^ lol i feel like if a person with a wu tang alliance doesnt know who gza and rza are they lose the right to have wu tang as their title lol

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This alliance ain’t nothing to muck with


This might be necro-posted.