Wyatt Moore

I was conversing with Wyatt and he said he would be right back but the conversation is glitched. Like it still shows him online but the conversation jumps back a couple of times and there is no way to continue it.

Anyone else having this problem?

He has not been back yet he been away for awhile pobbraly why you’re having trouble with it beause it would have been in notace on his return and know one else has it back yetv

I had the same glitch with this match, and another 2 of the matches… ( I think it was Tomas Antol and Antoine Dawson ) had to repeat the conversation 2/3 times before it moved on, was frustrating.

He’s still active on my side though. He’s not grayed out just the chat is glitched.

Adventhley he will be gone once his story is all completed