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Xiaomi install problem?

I have the newest Xiaomi (android)
App wont update or even reinstall …
On the iPad no problem …
Any ideas how to get this fixed
I restarted phone multiple Times

Friendly regards

Hey Kenny_Vanmeirhaeghe, are you getting any error messages when you are installing the game?

IT installs for 99% and then’ says. Cant install …

Could you please try freeing up some extra storage space on your device and see if that helps?

Cache is all free and removed.
Got on phone … Even shut down play protect and still same error

That’s very strange. :thinking:

Please contact our support team at with your device information, our team would be happy to take a closer look and try to provide some further troubleshooting steps.

Thanks! updated to android 11 instead of 10 … I guess that is the problem
But why cant i down load from store :frowning: