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Xinathodon & Smithetocerus Unlocked - Why can I not purchase with DNA?

New to the forum! I have fused together the required dinosaurs to unlock Xinathodon and Smithetocerus. I have hatched both hybrids yet I cannot buy any more with DNA. These are not special event hybrids as far as I can see? Help and Support was worthless and I am still waiting over a week for a follow up answer. After unlocking I was expecting to be able to purchase more and not go through the fusing process again. Any help is appreciated.

Mention this to the support, I am sure you can mail them if needed. Mention your support key to them(it should not be disclosed to others) .

Such Issues have been seen frequently with regard to the VIP Instant creation lab.

Yes. Support may be able to help.

if you fused them with the instant creation lab there is a known issue with creating the first of a hybrid using that functionality. A message to support laying out all of the details should fix it for you. Support does have a long wait time, typically at least 5 business days to get any real person and then depending on how much additional information they need to solve the problem could be another week on top of that. However typically if it is a problem on Ludia’s side they will fix it for you. Screen shots are key if you have them and give as much information as you can in your emails. If you already have a ticket open only reply through those emails otherwise you will be restarting the clock if you just keep emailing support through the generic email address without the initial response from a real person.

Thanks Sionsith for your reply. I rraised the issue with support two weeks ago. They closed my ticket with a poor response which did not resolve the issue or answer my query. I raised iit again just over a week ago and again with screenshots and no response. I am park level 93 and I want to be sure I am 100% correct with what I believe is a glitch and stopping me evolve dinosaurs which I have unlocked but cannot purchase with DNA.

Did you create the hybrid in the basic fuse chamber, or in the VIP instant fuse building?

And did you create them by fusing the two components or did you hatch one out through a prize which is very different than fusing the ingredients.

Both hybrids were created through the basic fuse chamber and after getting all the ingredients to level 40. No VIP involvement. I had overnight a response from support which this time is very helpful and they’re looking into the issue so hopefully it will all be resolved soon. Thanks

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@Turkish I hope you get the unlock. I think they will send it to you via in-game mail.