XP ~ Experience Points


Are there any site Mods for this App who can explain the theory of earning XP in this game? I can’t seem to find anywhere that explains what you earn XP for.

It seems like you only get it for leveling up dinosaurs, but that seems like a serious oversight. What about battles, interacting with stops, collecting DNA? All of these things should gain XP too.


As far as I can tell, leveling dinos is the only way to gain XP.


You get XP for leveling Dinos
common 1:1
rare 1:3
epic 1:10
legendary 1:50
unique I don’t have them.
So if you level up a rare Dino for 300 DNA than you get 900 exp.


You only get XP when you:
:t_rex:fully level up a dino
:sauropod:Create a dino
:crocodile:Create a hybrid (same as creating a dino, but they are done more tediously)

Other than that, you’re only collecting dna, darts, coins, cash, and incubators. So be sure to dart the dinos, hit up the Supply Drops, and win your battles!