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Xp from decoration

Which decoration gives the most xp per coin ? John Hammond or park Oasis or something else ?

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apatosaure fossils


It seems like everything is proportionate to coin cost. So AF must be max nonvip.

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Its apatosaur fossils.

However I leveled up using john hammonds purely because AF takes up way too much space and found the game more likely to crash when quick placing them.


Actually I do too. I just assume that since JHS is cheaper it makes no difference.

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I wanted to know max xp per coin. If it’s proportional then it does not matter , what decoration i use to gain xp.

You get more xp for APs, but like they said JHs are cheaper and take up less space, so you can buy more at one time. I don’t know what the exact ratio of xp to cost is.

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I guess no one knows to that. I’d really like to know how much xp needed for each level and how much I’ve gotten yet. But ludia being ludia , that data ain’t available.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to gain xp for levels. Are you not able to see how much xp you are at? Do you see how much xp gained from creating an AF or JH?

What i see is a small bar moving. No definitive value. No clear way of knowing.

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