XP grind

So it takes (from level 5-6) I think about 3500? Xp to level up. Thanks to the paywall and level 4, I die after doing one room on explore, so I get 6 XP per time and 6 gold. So i cant make my people better by leveling them up, and i cant get gold to level their equipment to give them XP, I dont have money to blow willy-nilly, so, what? That’s it then? This game is definitely a blatant cash grab, its downright embarrassing. Gameplay is good, but that’s all I got. I don’t see why I should keep playing this game.


Im dealing with the same issue. Been playing for a week and thinking about deleting the game already.


Same problem gere. I think this is a good game, but without an real option for grind i dont belive i ll play this for much more (and im vip).

They could add and little chance for get some equipments or chests after cleaning a room to make this king of grin (6xp/6g) viable.

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Or just allow us to replay older missions without spending gold to do so… I’m stuck as well and I don’t even see any real benefit to pay for VIP? do u get anything? more xp? or just the random gold drops from chests sometimes? if they allow us to replay other missions then we could farm gear pieces we need and grind some XP and gold right now I just log one once every 8 hours to open a battle chest and that’s it if they don’t add some content soon that allows is to actually play the game then I will be delete g soon


The Devs definitely need to make another pass on the XP curve.

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Once you hit character level 4/5, the XP curve accelerates nearly straight up, it feels like. If we’re grinding too much to get from 4 to 5 to 6 and beyond…we’re going to lose interest fast.

It shouldn’t take more than 4-6 dungeon runs to get a character to a new level in that character range. Too much longer and interest and participation in the game will likely drop off. Granted, you have to do that for each character, but once you start seeing traction you’ll keep being interested because you’re making progress.

There’s only 20 levels, they can’t progress you too fast else everyone will max out. So the aim is slow progression, but there isn’t enough variety of campaigns or missions to keep you locked in.

However most mobile games it’s all about micro fast feedback and progression to keep people hooked, this game isn’t that. It’s slow burn to progress.

I think this causes the frustration at grinding. There’s no gold, cards etc.

Slowly progressing while being able to go on different ‘adventures’ would be fine for most. You’d get the variety from stories, the heart of D&D.

I go weeks without even thinking about the main campaign. Before we had PvP there wasn’t really much else to do but challenges. At least now there’s more ways to collect cards and gold.

Two things that would make this game more ‘sticky’ or engaging.

  1. Allow us to create our own characters. We’ll be more attached to them.
  2. Provide alternative ‘explore’ campaigns based on character level. Different stories to play as we gain experience for our characters. You could even put level caps on these , e.g all under lvl 3. Allow us to create multiple characters, we can have high level and low level campaigns. VIPs could be allowed more character slots than f2p players.

Yeah it’s p2p all the way. That being said I spent 20 bucks on it and all my guys are 8th level and I still have 17k gold and1200 gems. I don’t do drugs or live in a third world country so 20 buck isn’t substantial. My grip is as Grundy as this game is it should have an auto mode.

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