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XP points stuck

The XP points don’t register past the 3 quarter mark. Fix it please and move my level up as it should be. Thanks.

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You’ll need to contact support

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Hey @La_Tonya_Watts! As @Talisax stated, that’s something you’ll have to talk to support about. I don’t necessarily know if they’ll be able to move your level up, but they should be able to get it unstuck for you.

You can contact them in-game, but if you’d prefer to contact them via email, it’s, be sure to include your support key in the message to them as well.

Though, as an aside, have you made certain they’re stuck and not just gaining slowly? You can make sure by clicking on the upper left icon (the one that shows your level and the XP) that takes you to your viking profile where you can see the actual numbers for your XP, and if they change after completing quests. At a certain level you’re going to move much more slowly.