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Xtinct looking for hardcore players only... Weekly Rank 5

Xtinct is now recruiting hardcore players only! We are a Weekly Rank 5 alliance that’s ready to take it to the next level. We have a 100% active alliance and a great group of members and officers which help manage our discord chat and channels. We have tips and tricks to help you grow and become a better player, everyone can always be taught something new :slight_smile: If your interested and meet the following requirements below please apply to Xtinct right now! Only 5 spots are available.

Requirements are as followed;

-Must download and Join our discord chat room!! 100% Mandatory!!

-Must have a minimum of 4000 + trophies.

-Must read or understand English!

-Must play daily and willing to be a team player. Including donations! This is strictly an alliance of TEAM players, we push and help each other to be better. (We also play a few challenges within the alliance to make it more fun) :slight_smile:

-Be active on chat so we can all communicate and make sure any questions asked are answered. We may ask you for a few screenshots here and there regarding progress but nothing to big.

-Have fun!

Thank you all for your time and I hope to see some serious players applying :facepunch:

Xtinct Leader - Weezy

all these alliance posts fail to talk about their sanc structuring.

That doesnt sound very nice.

You claim to have all these tools but cant use google translate. No thank you.

We have players from all over the world. We manage.

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I’m sure we would manage aswell with a translator, but it’s one thing we would prefer not to have :wink:

Hi, I’m looking for Aliance, I’m a top player, I’m active.
If you need one more member please let me know