Y is todays tournament base level

Y is this tournament base level, it clearly said in notes that it would be level 26 @Ned why ? Why do ya have to spoil the chance to get cash? Arent ya noticing you are killing your own game ?


ludia moment


It realy makes me angry.

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I came to inquire about this. May this please be fixed?

Yet again, it looks like the tournament is glitched. Was supposed to be a skills not an advantage.


At least there is no rexy


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Week after week Ludia makes major mistakes. Not just a glitch here and there (although we know there are these - in abundance), but significant, game changing errors that you would think are easy to avoid. I mean take todays tournament for example. Schedule planned, schedule released - 31 (or so) days later, BAM. Wrong tourney starts. Really?

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at Ludia HQ and workshops to see just how this stuff happens, because frankly, as someone who takes pride in doing the best job they can do, I just don’t get it.


Simply they dont

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your reports! Our team was able to work on a fix so a quick relaunch of the app will help apply this to your game.

Apologies for any inconvenience but we thank you for your patience! :sauropod: :100:

lol I already completed 10 takedowns

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Was really happy to see an advantage tournament.

And luckily I have been able to play some matches before they changed it to the boring speedtie & „every team looks the same“ format😅


At elast skill are not skilles tourneys and dont help richies like ya go up the top