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Ya know, this game would be a lot more fun if instead of facing players and/or bots that are 4 levels higher

They’d just tell you when the arena loads up the game tells you “You have reached a level that we believe is too high for the amount of time and/or money you have invested to date. We are going to remove 200 trophies and match you up against evenly leveled teams.”

That’d be faster and less frustrating than facing teams loaded with dinos that literally none of my dinos can possibly take down alone without a little RNG help then watching all that RNG go the exact opposite of the way I would need to create a 2-2 split going into the end round.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that the other teams that are already leveled hopelessly higher than me are loaded with the exact dinos that are the perfect counter to the ones I have in my line up. Games are supposed to be fun. Frustrations are supposed to be from discovering new strategies to deal with challenges. Frustrations with games aren’t supposed to be facing impossible challenges time after time.


Exactly! It is either a very poor game design, or it is rigged in favor of VIP real money spenders against free to play players