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Yaaaaaaaaaaay ! My first legendary ! *__*


Yeah My 1st Legendary

I bet you were happy to see the swirling lines that indicated 50 or more and than getting 70


Congrats, best feeling get your 1st one .


Congratulations! I know what you’re feeling: I am a few DNA samples away from my first one too. I wish I’ll have a legendary by the end of the week.


Enjoy the stego dna grind now to lvl him up :joy:


I have one of those he’s/she’s a absolute fav used properly it’s a bit of a monster . Enjoy


Congrats! Getting that much DNA at once is awesome!


It’s my turn to get my first legendary! There was a close race between Indominus Rex and Stegodeus, but, thanks to a 24h incubator full of T-Rex DNA, I now have Indominus Rex to try in battles!

This said, I also started pilling DNA for Monostegotops, meaning that I now have two other legendaries in the pipeline… Once you get one, others are not too far away given the way the game is designed…


Congrats!! :heart_eyes:


Congrats on the sexy hybrid, make sure you pump him up with steroids cause he will be a great asset to the team.