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Ya'll ever just stop to appreciate how much the Jurassic World Movies SUCK?

So i’ve just begun writing a script for a video on why I think the Jurassic World sequels suck big donkey donuts. If anybody else has as much of an undying hatred for these two films as I do, please feel free to share what you think sucked about the Jurassic World films, it’s always nice to include others opinions in something you are very passionate about. While I cannot list everything right here right now, I can leave you with this comment I recently posted on Alteroris new video…

Its sad how kids nowadays grow up with monster movies while we all grew up with stories of natures power, betrayal, reconciliation, terror and the unknown. I hope that whoever our main antagonist is in this next movie, they will be handled with a lot more respect than the hybrids were because at the end of the day indy and dusk (my name for indoraptor because he looks like a well shot picture of the sun rising over the horizon) were just showing an agressive nature layered over normal animalistic behaviours. Just like back when Jaws was released this generation is going to grow up thinking that all carnivorous animals are monstrous pyscopaths with ill intent towards any human being they meet when its the opposite, and thats what Jurassic Park taught us all those years ago. Its also why i love Battle at big rock so much, it gives so much of what we were missing from those garbage modern remakes that are sorry excuses for Jurassic movies.

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The movies do suck. The characters are flat. The plot line is stale and predictable. There is no character arc or growth for any of the characters. There is nothing interesting about them.

I’m the first Jurassic Park, you had Hammond who was an innovator and was blind to danger. You had Dr. Grant who bonded with the kids and became kind of a role model for them. You had freaking Ian Malcom spewing philosophy. Even in the later Jurassic Park movies, the dinosaurs themselves become interesting characters. The raptors communicate with humans and the spinosaurus can swim (which was a theory was ahead of its time).

What do you remember from Jurassic world? Buff guy who raises raptors and says nothing interesting meets attractive but stuffy girl who says nothing interesting and they run away from a super raptor/rex hybrid. The characters are uninteresting and have no character arc. The only selling point of the movies was the 3D was awesome


As a very experienced animal trainer (lots of championships, titles and awards in canine sports, in addition to being an instructor and judge) I will never forgetting wanting to scream at the most ridiculous, absurd use of a clicker (or what we call a marker in operant conditioning) I’ve ever seen. If you watch the movie again, note how Owen is constantly clicking that thing… and giving the raptors nothing. That makes a marker completely background noise to an animal, most especially ones that intelligent, we constantly drill this into our students to NOT do that, and no professional trainer ever would use it that way. Sloppy science like that just bugs the heck out of me…but it’s always worse when it’s something more personal.


That is something that you have to agree with,I like the plot of fallen kingdom,but flat characters with no emotions are kind of boring,plus other dinos need screen time,the carnotaurus in fallen Kingdom deserved more screen time. Also how the creatures are treated like theme park monsters is another con.

wow i completely glossed over that when watching, thats so true yeah

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I do not like the way the Velociraptors were domesticated, albeit partly. There’s a fine line between vicious ghost predator and tamed puppy, and JP, TLW and JP3 did it correctly.

They did this on purpose,blue is the final raptor on the island,maybe choose some other species,but Raptors? They were meant to be vicious,blue should be even more,he was bred for war.

JP3 had the best raptor design,but the raptors could do more. Although they should not have deleted the scene where the raptors fight Spinosaurus.


Exactly, man. It shouldn’t have been Velociraptors.

the jurassic world raptors are what i like to call simps

Yeah! Indoraptor was created using Blue’s DNA,but thankfully turned out vicious,but I would like it if they had not planned a death for Indoraptor and they could have let it do much more,maybe kill it in the next movie,Indoraptor was a vicious and sneaky thing that plays with your emotions of fear before killing you.

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indoraptor was actually made from the raptors from sorna and was a prototype, they needed blues dna to make one that would listen to them

Simps? Are you sure ? Simps is a too ferocious term for something like the raptor squad,although , I feel like instead of killing the other members of the raptor squad,they could have let then live and when they would learn to live on Nublar as a pack,they could become great predators and probably hunt in a pattern similar to he OG Raptors.

No! Blue was the final Velociraptor they had remaining,it became vicious cause Blues blood was contaminated with that of the queen herself, rexy’s blood during the blood transfusion between them.

then why was it already created long before they got to the island? they said it in the movie

They created it during the course if the movie I thought. They mentioned in the movie that blue was the final velociraptor,but yes,the one that escaped was a prototype . Indoraptor Gen 2 in JWA uses Blues DNA,and looks like blue.

remember that Eli was a bad guy and was lying to them about almost everything throughout. Because of their involvement in the events of Jurassic World it would’ve been foolish to tell them that they had gotten another raptors dna because they would know that those raptors werent tame and so would question Eli and maybe even discover the Indoraptor in the first 10 minutes of the movie. It’s like in JP3 when Alan and Billy and talking to each other about what the Spinosaurus was the Alan says “thats because it wasnt on Ingens list” its the same thing as that

Mills was a horrid guy indeed. I hate the idea of cloning humans though, Maisie Lockwood was cloned.

that was lockwood who did that but yeah that was a pretty dumb plot twist, opens up some theories though. Mills was a terrible human being, he smothered his own father just because he didnt agree with his evil plans

Smothered? Sorry, my grammar is not great,he murdered lockwood,but I am not sure what is Smothered?