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Y'all mad 'bout boosts in the shop but

If my math is right you should be more concerned about speeding up incs.

“Lololol stupid wrothgar we know!!! We’ve already seen dinol3os awesome graphic stupid noob!”

Oh you mean this one?

It IS a great graphic!! Shows that for 433 hc you can get the same amount of boosts as 500 hc in the shop!

Aww shucks. Ya got me. But does it tell you this?

At level 20 an epic inc cost me 5k hc in the shop. I get:

15k coins
397 epic
662 rare
6493 common

But what would 4,763 hc get me from speeding up incs?

If my math is right (and it may not be!) with incubators from library, I get:

41,712 coins
506 epic DNA
7,282 rare DNA
71,423 common DNA.

Oh, and 275 boosts.

So why would I (or anyone) ever by those crummy boost sales in the shop again? Using 4763hc speeding up incs gives you the value of:

~37 more boosts
26,712 more coins
109 more epic DNA
6,620 more rare DNA
64,930 more common DNA

This is far far more game breaking than boost sales in the shop.

Sits back quietly hoping the math isn’t way way off…cause it probably is…


Because I am going to get them anyway when the countdown ends without speeding and wasting my HC to something I would get for FREE at the end!


And you will get boosts anyway too.

That’s not the point.

The point is you can spend hc to speed up the process- a lot.

That applies whether you buy in the shop or speed up incs.

Cant have it both ways - either you’re mad about both or both don’t matter. It’s not like shop is the only place to get boosts.

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if people feel that they need to spend money on boots, they’ll do it. Some will go the cheaper route, and speed up incs, but others will go the path of least resistance and just buy them from the shop.
It’s all the same to me. Boosts suck.


And you are free to do so. For me sound like a stupid idea :wink:

Btw I have over 3000 boosts at each category and still playing unboosted so… yeah!

Oh don’t worry, im sure the company is working hard right now to cut all arena incubator contents by 75%.


Most replies so far missing the point makes me sad.

Moral of the story: selling boosts in the shop isn’t nearly as bad as its being made out to be. Speeding up incubators is far far more game breaking.

But I guess getting mad at boost sales is easier for the masses. Easy target to see to direct anger toward.


I think your math is correct.

The reason Ludia put waiting time up on the top arena was to try and deter the players from doing exactly what you describe.

This is why they started deliberately dropping to get the incubators quicker without having to wait for matches.

But the point is that the time it takes to win the matches and get the incubators is probably not worthwhile to those who prefer to just buy them from the store.

The bigger question is why anyone would care anyway. I just fought someone with a Thor at 147 speed and the rest of their boosts on it were on damage. Needless to say I lost 3-0 as it was faster than my Magna and my Erlidom so by the time it wiped them in no time, my last Dino didn’t really matter as I’d given up all hope.

With two ways for those who are so resolute in winning at all costs to do so, I can’t see much future for the game now :woozy_face:


Speeding up incs are bad to… and people drop to do this as well which further makes the game less desirable to play…

Then difference to me is those speed up incubators atleast require one to actually play the game.

But there should be a cap on them.

Don’t speed up the 8 hour incubators. That one pushes the HC/boost cost way too high.

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It’s the same reason people spend twice as much money on getting fast food compared to if you made meals at home, it’s a time and convenience thing. We as a society pay for convenience and it’s a convenience to purchase it without having to battle constantly (and win which can sometimes take several battles). Unless you have nothing to do all day every day, it’s just easier to pay for the convenience so that way when you do battle you have an advantage


Yeah i think the thing is speeding up boosts is only done by the dedicated with alot of free time. So its a top of the leaderboard kinda problem.

Any mom pop that plays this game once a week can buy these incubator deals… then burn the hardcash on boosts and it effects all parts of the arena.

So both are toxic for the game but one is problem that only really affects upper avairy and onwards so like 10% of the games pop… where as the other effects every arena.


It doesn’t have to be one way or the other.
You can speed up incubators and do the boost sales too.

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I get ya but the difference is you have to work in the arena for incubators wether you speed them up or not you have earned what you get which is more satisfying than buying the boosts anyway.

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For DNA epic and rare scents are the best, I think.

1000 HC = apprx 600-1000 epic DNA
(even with by bad darting skills)

Use the scent in the right local zone at the right time of day and move around, and you have very good probability for your most wanted epic or rare.

Solution=Change boost usage to 10-15 boosts a shot

People pay money into a mobile game that isn’t likely to last more than a few years?



Didn’t you? :wink: