Y'all trophy system needs a rework

I have literally dropped from 3100 to 2800 in the last 2 days.

I have battle against players with Dinosaurs three to four levels of higher than mine and lose 30 to 38 trophies a battle. And when I managed to beat them only get 1 to 10 trophies… the trophy system needs to be fixed.


I’ve seen so many posts just like this one recently. I think everyone posting is stuck in a giant bottleneck and its really hard to get past it.


The problem isn’t the trophy system but rather the matching system. The 450 trophy range is just too large now that the AI bots are no longer there in battles. It’ll be better if this range is reduced to half so that we can battle opponents that are almost the same level as ourselves rather than those having way stronger dinos.


I fell from 5600 to 5300. Guess what? It doesnt matter. Just get back in and get them back. Thats what i did and do everytime i lose

Need three wins to equal one loss while always fighting higher lvl opponents. Sounds like the definition of broken imho rofl

Oh I’m not saying that it’s not faulty now but rather battle match making can be improved by a smaller tolerance factor.

I agree there’s little consistency with the trophies gained or lost. Today I won a match got 16 trophies. Lost 3 in a row and lost 47, 30, 44 trophies. All oppentents were within a 100 or so of each other.

I think it should be something like +30 for a win -15 for a loss (could be a -30 for all I care but I feel losing streaks wouldn’t be as frustrating with not as big minuses) .