Yawning and laughing

I’m fed up of people laughing at you when you lose.
It’s annoying. It’s disrespectful.

You may say “well, you started yawning.”
Of course I started yawning.
After seeing the thousandth crit of a Thor I surely yawn.
After my useless Erlidom failed to dodge for the millionth time of course I start yawning.
After your lvl 30 Indoraptor dodged 5 consecutive attacks of course I start yawning.

If you win, you have to stay silent.
I will NEVER laugh at you if you yawn because I’m winning, because IT’S ANNOYING to lose. I know it very well.
So I expect you to do the same.

In this game I have to play against all kind of odds, including a persistent state of bad luck in battle. I don’t want to play against people’s lack of respect too.

I needed to express this.


You could always turn off emotes


I like to say good luck and well done but when I get spammed with sarcorixis, dracoceratops and other stun based teams you bet they are going to get a yawn every time. It’s boring to play against. But sometimes I do think that emotes can be used as a form of bullying which isn’t fair.


I find it perplexing that despite all the negative feedback they’ve received about unsporting use of emotes, Ludia decided to add a ‘point and laugh’ emote.
Who asked for that?


That new pointing and laughing emote is the most unsportsmanlike thing imaginable. Smh.


I think it was probably intended to laugh at funny situations, especially in raids, but of course it can be used in many ways.

Turning off emoticons doesn’t resolve the problem, as I am bothered of not expressing my dislike for the match.
Can seem a bit illogical but, hey, that’s how it works.


The point and laugh emote is a literal bully emote. It’s annoying to see someone with a nitro Thor one shot my erlikospyx and then laugh on its face. I only use it if someone does it to me first. It’s very to see the opponent cry when I sweep them with a nitro kelenken lol


Idc I love laughing at people when they lose but honestly it doesn’t matter to me

I want to yawn at topics like these.
My goodness, just switch it off.


That point and laugh emote? That’s the very thing that made me quit the arena for good.

Seriously, what were you thinking Ludia?


Forums: I don’t like these emotes! They are hurtful to people!
Ludia: Ok, Lets add a “Point and laugh” emote to solve this!
Forum: Y!!!
Ludia: OK, um…maybe a “ROFL” Emote?

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It would suffice that people use them “responsibly,” but it doesn’t happen in real life let’s not talk about a game.

Trolling people is human nature, we all know that


I personally like it so I am find with it. Saying I do it and I think we all do it at some point

trolling = a loser in real life🤷🏼‍♂️


That’s not the point that everyone is making. Of course they can turn it off. The point people are making is ludia made an emote that promotes bullying and creates bad sportsmanship within the game. People are expressing their disappointment in a decision that ludia made and they have every right to do so.


The point is that if you cannot handle a little bit of emote spamming that you should turn it off.


I don’t think it is the spamming that people don’t like.

wow the perfect solution😅