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Do you have a tale that started at the Yawning Portal?



Many months ago I met Feeona, WiMeJu, Zasz, specter, mylords, and many others. More would come along and visit along the way. Everyone was welcomed to the community with open arms. We would bring everyone to our central hub of communications: our forums. For the more committed adventures, they would join us on our magical discord server. Everyone who joined us here was welcomed, as equals, to our guide and DM. He would listen to us, help squash insects as they came creeping out of the cracks.

We were having an amazing time connecting, conversing and exploring the dungeons of waterdeep. We would share stories of the wondrous loot we’d come across, monsters we would slay, new dungeons we stumbled into. We would all talk about how much fun we were all having and how great of a community we had.

Then one day it all changed. 2 things were ripped away from us adventurers: gold and glory.

Lo and behold, our biggest ally had not been an ally at all! Our guide, our confidante, our friend, our DM stabbed us all in the back! He erected something called a paywall and hid on the other side.
We would unanimously scream “we can’t get around the wall! Please help us lower it! We want to adventure!”
“We understand that some players will not be happy” he bellowed back to us! “you can speed up progress by purchasing these special packs”
Our party again said “you’re asking us to pay more than it costs for our house! That’s simply too much!”
“WE WILL NOT REVERT THIS UPDATE!!!” Our former friend screamed back at us.
“But it will take years to climb this wall the way it’s set up. You have the ability to lower the wall, we can give you money but that’s so much, how can we also feed our families and get past the paywall as well?”
“Upgrade the armour that you don’t use and won’t give you any benefit to upgrade! Spend all of your gold, then you can reach me!” He cackled, knowing that we still couldn’t get past the wall by doing this.

After weeks of hearing nothing else from our DM, we got a glimmer of hope: “a new update is coming, you can also have early access for a new level 1 party member”
“Hooray, they’re listening, we can adventure again!” We exclaimed
“… for $70”
“Wow, ok” we said, disheartened. It’s starting to sink in that our developer friend was never really on our side.

One by one, the core of our party gave up and went home. They felt like our confidante on the other side of the wall just simply can’t be reasoned with.
Every now and then, our former friend would dangle a carrot in front of our noses. “FINE, I’ll give you entry into the beginner dungeon for free… 3 times per day but more if you don’t sleep. The rest, you’ll have a 3/20 chance of earning your gold back that you spent to enter the dungeon”.
Still we sat, looking up at this massive paywall. More and more people would go home.
“Please, DM, if you don’t change the structure of the wall, it will lead to a total party kill” we begged, but got no response. This is becoming all too familiar at this point.
Sometimes perky new adventurers still come around, slaying kobolds, giants and goblins, but eventually they catch up to the rest of us at the bottom of this wall.

Sadly, our party members keep leaving. Some people still try to sink their gear into the wall and try to climb, only to slide back down shortly after. Still we sit, looking up at this massive paywall, feeling detracted and demoralized, holding onto the last bit of hope that our once greatest ally still has a hint of good left in his evil heart. We know how great of an adventure this can be.


Excellent! … It sucks that Update 3 killed an almost perfect game… I play still but quickly get reminded when my crap dice rolls shows what 20 minutes of my time gets me… why they have not at least given us all our earned treasure dice is beyond comprehension!

Scrap the gold rewards and replace them with chests already. Open up 4th and 5th levels that get additional D20 rolls for the lower level dungeons. Please install an auto play feature so when playing low level dungeons high level people dont have to waste the effort of playing and would eliminate some of the NASTY GRIND!

So many of us have given our opinions and yet you refuse to listen to your customers :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


The saddest thing: they USED to listen to us. They took our feedback and made the game better. That was, until we all told them how bad the gold and glory update was.

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