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YAY! All new bugs, and some blasts from the past!

Love the animations being off - good one. Also, just had the "took out the opponents dino and screen flashed to ‘opponent wins!’ " glitch that I haven’t seen in a long time.



Cut em’ some slack.


Love the look but very laggy and keeps crashing. Come on Ludia sort it out quickly or you will loose a lot more V. I. P. Players.


I get some glitches when I pause while darting. Other than that seems great.

These are still around. Lol

Swal in dsr still says 1 turn lockdown, but it’s actually a 2 turn! So dumb

using priority moves when you get stunned still ruins basically every game still

I noticed doing some friendly battles with the kids parts of the animation in battles are completely missing from my galaxy s8 but ran smooth on my kids moto e play…

@Rantz Yeah Had two in a row, just lost one because it crashed during the timer before the start force closed down two Dino, then two for two with a guaranteed win with the final and it just come up opponent wins three to one lost 30 trophies joy