Yay! Isn't this wonderful?


Took me a while but happy to see a familiar face.


Nice! I’m still working on her. Can’t find Rexes near me QQ so I just have a lvl 11 Rex and a lvl 13 Raptor. :frowning:


Nice job! Was my first Legendary, and is still a staple on my team! She is a beauty!


Same with me. Haha never found Trex in 2 day. Sigh


He hasn’t dodged a thing. Just came up against another one. Dodged twice and then a crit. I was so infuriated.


Just levelled rex up to 15. Now to slowly build up DNA to start fusing my indominus.


When i found trex, it star raining. Damn rng not in my favor. :cry::cry:


Actually T-Rex comes and goes. At one time a few weeks ago, I couldn’t even see one afar let alone close enough to dart it but suddenly for the past three days, I darted about 3 T-Rex every single day. Anyway, good luck in trying to find them