Yay! It's ankylosaurus day!

So, uh, anyone find one yet?


Saw one on the map not too far away this morning, threw shoes on, went to leave; despawned.

Two, in fact!

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I had the day off, out almost all day.

2 SpinoG2
2 Nodopato
1 Baryonyx (skipped it)
1 Rajasaurus

Found just 1. But last week found 3.

Buddy… I just found one… and then this happened :boom:


Lucky! I want Tryko.

Here’s what mine did…


For the last few Sundays I have always found at least two, it’s like it’s the most common daily epic thb, but yesterday only one appeared outside my radius and I was too lazy to get out of my pyjamas and go for it :smile:

Found 2; got Tryko to L25 :slight_smile:

Ill give ya bout a Tree Fiddy for it!

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I run into maiasaura about every 2 blocks on Wednesdays. By far the daily epic I see the most.

Oh boy you’re all going to hate me for this. But yesterday, when I arrived at church, I found an Ankylosaurus AND a Rajasaurus next to me in the parking lot, AND an Erlikosaurus at the end of the street and I got all of them. I couldn’t believe it. I’m mad that I didnt take a picture but they just spawned one after another. Other than that I only found 1 other Ankylosaurus later in the afternoon. But hey that’s the most Ankylo’s I’ve found in the wild ever since they became Sunday spawns. Lol


I found 3 without trying Non hybrid daily epics seem to be the most common epics of all.

Local epics not so much.

I found 1 yesterday. I normally find at least one on Monday’s. My tryko is 25 so I’ve been working on Diorajasaur which is 23. I’ve never used Diorajasaur but it’s pretty good since it got a buff.

I saw one yesterday but when I clicked on it, it disappeared. :frowning: