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Yay! Just deleted this horrendous game!

So, I’ve done it! I’ve deleted this horrendous, frustrating, cash grabbing, time sink of a game and I feel great!

No more grinding the same dungeon over and over again at 250 experience a time, when I need 70,000 (yes mathletes, that’s 280 times per character)!

No more being taken out by a pvp team 3 levels lower than me because of bad dice role flukes!

No more feeling ripped off having paid for an upgrade pack or chest to find out it contains exactly nothing I need and nothing that feels like value!

No more of the hope that starts with ‘ooh cool new feature’ and ends in ‘oh no, it’s just another way to try to get me to spend money.’

I reckon I’ve spent around £200 on this game and every transaction ended up a disappointment. Goodbye Ludia! If I ever see your name on an app again, I’ll make sure to give it a wide berth!