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Yaya overlevel lol!

Well, I’m doing it. I’m sure you are happy minmi. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, half of minmi’s team are level 24-26 epics. I have dared myself to level up an epic to level 25. Yaaaaay… Thing is, if I put this on my team, (and TRUST me, I will,) I will plummet so far in pvp, but to be honest, I don’t care. I love this little dude with all of my heart. The grand reveal:

For those of you who don’t know:

Yeah. It’s expensive. I don’t even have a level 25 on my team. Hey, on the bright side, I’ll have a High level healer for raids! (Not like this thing is useful in any apex raids. Maybe when someone unlocks cera i can use it lol) Anyway, anyone else who wants to do this, post pictures or your ideas here! It doesn’t even have to be epics, it can be commons or rares too. Mainly things NOBODY would overlevel.


Anyway, I’m heading out, everyone have a good night/day!

I ran into a lvl 30 boosted one in the library yesterday. Level up and use what you like and whatever makes you happy.

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No such thing as overlevelled anything.


Look up zBatman on YouTube

If you think levelling up that to 25 is something novel, look at his team!


They will both hit 30 if we get a useful unique tourney.

And here my biggist mistake


Oh, you sweet summer child.

Take your mistakes to the tournaments.
I love every last one of mine.

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I have a level 22 eniasuchus that’s useless since it got nerfed that I kick myself for every single time I fight a rixis xD

Good luck!!! :+1:

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i over leveled blue back when indo gen 2 was teased. thought we would have a second unique indo.

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You certainly should @Deathclaw46!

Even if it doesn’t make the most logical sense for the improvement of your PvP team, it gives nostalgia points so that’s a plus.

Many already probably already know this, but I love grinding and then overleveling creatures. So far these are my over leveled epic Dino’s…


Play the way you want.


Lol I have a level 28 Spinosaurus, lvl 24 T Rex, lvl 27 Titanoboa, lvl 24 Tarbo, lvl 21 Allo, lvl 30 Diplo and last but not the least a lvl 29 Brachio

I’ve got a level 23 woolly rhino that I will probably hate myself for of it gets nerfed. But for now, it’s doing well.

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