Yeah balanced

So you reduced the quetzorion’s attack and many other things…but this… thing is balanced according to you???

At least make it slower than quetzorion :roll_eyes:


That’s not a Procera problem. That’s a boosts problem.


Base Procera is faster than base Quetz tho…?


I’m still waiting for an official explanation as to why Quetzorion was nerfed but not this thing nor Erlidom (who can cause 5-6k damage with a crit). There was nothing to balance here.


Quetz nerf was odd. None of those three need a change, but Quetz least of all.

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Looks like the speed is boosted. So it is a boost problem at this juncture

I’m confused why quetz was nerfed absolutely nothing wrong with her. Can ludia please explain.

Or at least nerf erlidom at the same time?


Ludia trys guys, dont be mad, it just depresses me to come back to the same community, same anger, and same overall feeling.

Erlindom does not need a nerf. It is balanced.


Why? Erlindom does not need nerf. It is balanced.


It was also balanced before it got a damage and hp buff in the last patch or two. It didn’t need the extra attack or hp but received it anyway. Orion is supposed to be erlidom’ s hard counter.

I might know the explanation of Quetzorion’s nerf. Though I do think Quetzorion’s nerf is redundant, none of its parents have 1650 or above damage.

The idea of Orion was basically go back to the times where Tany could counter Indo… but with Erlidom.
Protecting Erlidom this way is sick and quite tiresome… stop playing favorites, PLEASE.


Just because orion got a nerf does NOT mean erlidom needs one.

Stop asking for nerfs when it is not needed!
These 2 creatures are not intertwined.

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In a fair and very good game, no need any nerf at all.

The way to balance the game and change the metagame is to introduce new creatures strong enough and accessible enough to cause the metagame to rotate.

That said, fairness and balance are concepts that Ludia doesn’t understand at all.

Except for the fact that they are are intertwined . Orion was designed to be a direct counter to erlidom.


the only creatures which need a nerf are smilonemys and geminititan

Base velo is faster than all dinos. Anyone complaining?

You’re right, Erlidom doesn’t need a nerf. But neither did Quetzorion, which was my point. Why nerf one but not the other when one is counter to the other?

I could understand that, but Procerat is in the same situation in every aspect - the parents have less attack and less HP. So why wasn’t Procerat nerfed as well?

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