Yeah My 1st Legendary


This is my 1st Legendary dino. What yours?


beautiful! now level her up to 29 and become the scourge of the arena!


My first legendary was also Stegodeus :slight_smile:


Congrats! :heart_eyes:

There’s mine here:


I was sure stegogod was going to be my first… i feel like the time i was working on creating it for like 2 weeks cause of a steady stream of 10 dna fusions. I think i was at like 170 when i did the level 30 pteradon and alanqa strike which netted me 270 rex dna… and idom became my first legendary. I made stegogod the next day.


Thanks guys, i m still work on indom 30/200. It a fay way. But i will take my time. Hope this guy can make me stay at sorna. :rofl::rofl::rofl: