Year 7 Decoration

So I got the email for update 59 a few days ago. So I updated my game and tried to claim the rewards that came in the email. I am assuming I get the year 7 decorations , please correct me if I’m wrong. So when I click claim I go to the app and I get I already claim the award and redirecting could not be compete. Any help would be appreciated.

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You get 100 Cash, and the statue will be an award for an event later in the month.


I hope it will not be an event with so ridiculous unrealistic goals as the community events have for quite some time (the current one included).


Yes, 12 Billion DNA needed for this one??? Wow! I think 2 million would have done it.


Let’s assume the game has 1.2 million players (is this too optimistic?). Then each player must spend 10,000 DNA in four days to make this event a success. I could imagine that this is more DNA than most players have.


There’s prob more than 1.2 mil but we gotta grind

Less than 5% in one day. I would say there is nothing to grind, this event is already dead.


Thank you for the clarification

The team chooses targets based on the historical DNA spending of players. Based on the number and expected weekend player base they believe the goal is well within reach for this weekend’s community event.

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I understand. I also hope the team recognises that the community has only reached 5% of the current event goal in 25% of elapsed time.
And they should check the last two events too, the community result was terrible. Less than 50% in both of them.
There is either something wrong with the team’s assumptions or the game has lost almost half of its player base in the last couple of weeks (something I do not hope).


Yes, true true. These events are awesome, however recently they seem a tad too hard for us Dino makers. We have failed miserably at the last few events. Something is not right here… Maybe it us? I’ll keep spending DNA as much as I can, but I’ve lost confidence in my own DNA. If only they were easier to achieve.

And @Keith Thank you so much for always keeping us informed. You are the most valuable resource we have. Enjoy your weekend.


I question the mechanics that are happening in the background. If these are based on historical averages. I would wonder if they are based on a long time period, a shorter specific time period, or if the tracking is working as intended.

Because something is off if it’s based on recent data.

For instance if based on a specific time frame from the past we’re there other things happening during those times that would have driven DNA spending (new creatures, discounts, other events)? Same time last year was a very different play style for most people based on lockdowns for most people, taking recent data there have been special discounts that have driven DNA spending. Food for thought.


I think its more close to 120k ACTIVE player. Which means each player should be spending 100k DNA, which is a lot.

Disregarding the fact that players also need to accumulate this 100k DNA to spend.

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Such a huge misjudgement by Ludia, even with 40% discount and (probable) spending sprees all around the gaming community - look at the current amount of DNA used!!!
Such a shame… Again, obviously it was a good attempt by Ludia to finally bring something meaningfull (at least the prize pack is finally worth the effort - as opposed to usual packs offered by similar events), but execution was just awful.
Of course I don’t know who was behind that estimation and what was he/she/they thinking… but maybe it’s time to give next oportunity to someone else for future community events… :roll_eyes: