Yellow and green lauch button

what the diffrence between the yellow and green launch button?

It might have to do with the distance to the dino, so whether your battery starts in the yellow or not.


Maybe if the Dino is in vip range? Do you have vip?

no,i dont use vip

I’ve been pondering this question too, it’s happening to me.

I think it has to do with whether or not it is a “close range” spawn or a regular spawn. Now that the lose range ones have a limit it might indicate whether or not the creature does have a limit. This is just a speculation though.

I think it has to do with range, but the divide between yellow and green doesn’t seem to match the divide between close and long range spawns.

yea he is right a common has the yellow button and theres another common that has a yellow button and there not equal in distance

Guys it’s simple, I really don’t understand the confusion.

Green buttons appear when battery is blue, yellow/orange button appears when battery is yellow/orange. It’s just another indicator that you’ll have high or low battery usage.


soo that means all creatures have a darting limit?

No it has nothing to do with the limit. Just how much battery your drone will have if you try to dart them at a given distance.

no i mean the darting limit from other dinosaurs like
here like that

I know. The yellow vs green has nothing to do with that. I actually speculated that it might, but I’ve confirmed that it doesn’t. It’s just about battery life.

yea lets stick to the battery color thing

I’m confused because this thread is about the green and yellow thing (which is just an indicator of battery) I think they might know more about darting limits over in that thread.

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This was yellow on my phone but green on my Ipad. There doesn’t seem to be any sense to what comes up green or yellow.

I guess Ludia came up with the idea to distract us away from new bugs concealed in the update.