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Yellow Dragons

Why are the yellow dragons abilities so inferior to the other colors. Was looking forward to freedom hookfang as it was finally a yellow unique dragon. However, it’s abilities are even weaker than the regular yellow dragons. Unsure why the programming leaned to this type of concept…

His abilityes aren’t bad lmao, he’s one of if not the best yellow dragon

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In what way is it worse than other yellow dragons?

As far as I can tell its definitly a must have (cuz its currently the only dragon that gives increased dmg against purple dragons and its 40% at that). It also does 950% dmg at ability lvl 10, which is really high for a random foes dragon.


40% damage vs purple dragons is great for alpha battles, 15% spirit is pretty nice (that 15% might make a difference is the arena) and his ability deals a total of 950% damage (wich is great if you look at dragons with similar abilityes, like Light Fury, wich only has 65% damage and it only hits 5 times). His stats are also great.

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I would say that my current The Deafing Dawnbrawler’s abilities are greater than this hookfang. It’s rated at 175% against all foes and all allies gain 230% counterattack.

Dawnbrawler is the worst yellow dragon (and one of the worst dragons in general).
Sure it atacks all foes, but it does so with a slow spirit speed and its DoT.
Counterattack isn’t great on an attacking team cuz you only get attacked by dragons once every 3 turns (so generally you’ll only counter 5 attacks, which would be what a total of 1000 or so dmg?).

Hookfang’s primary ability does 95% 10 times so it’d deal about 5.5k dmg, Dawnbrawler fighting against 3 dragons would only deal about 4k and thats if you include its counterattack dmg)