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Yellow Holiday Dragon?


I have been hoping patiently for a Yellow Holiday Dragon to be developed. Will you create one for Father’s Day? Or 4th of July?


Team DragonWizard

Apparantly there is gonna be one. And as far as we know its called freedom hookfang (so prolly the one for the 4th of july).


That would awesome!

If the 4 flocks are supposed to be balanced in color we are going to need 3 yellow Holliday dragons not just one. We got 4 red, 4 green, 3 purple, 3 blue but so far only cloudjumper for yellow. (I am talking about the 3 “incomplete” teams + legends of berk for TP dragons)

sounds awesome

Meatlug is also yellow

Yeah but she is part of a full color team. The other four teams are all imbalanced in the color spread. (not all 5 present in each)