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Yellow large scent


Has anyone else ever noticed this? When I go to my scents, it’s yellow for a second and then turns black.


What , I do not have large scent capsules in my bag??


Do they only show up when you get one?


Did you complete those strike events?
Now there’s a new one for scent capsule just released.


I’ve done every one but not got an large one, only normal common.
Not done today’s new ones


It’s probably from a tower and the special ones are only display if you get one. Can you screen the incub description ? It’s a 20min too ?


Yeah, I got it from a tower a few days ago and it’s 20 minutes. I was just curious if anyone else noticed that it turns from yellow to black. Maybe I’ll get an epic when I open it lol


Oh I didn’t see that it turns black after few seconds. In this case it’s one from the first tower and the yellow color looks like a graphic bug when rendering objects (I have one too but I don’t saw this, maybe I’m not paying enough attention)


I think that’s just normal 20min common capsule.

But yes, I also noticed this little glitch, if you open your capsule box UI, this 20min common capsule will show epic capsule icon for an instant, and soon change back.

Just like arena incubators, sometimes they will show a legendary red incubator icon for one moment.


Yeah I do notice it. It shows as yellow for a split second. It does it every time I switch in and out of the page