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Yep. No $10,000 quest reward

I’m guessing you guys already figured this out because immediately after reset the game went down for maintenance in the middle of Grind To Use My 60 runs to use up my 12 hour Pack! I certainly hope maintenance isn’t long.

The maintenance was announced yesterday. I was wondering about the Warrior Pass purchase information I saw solicited as I thought VIP was supposed to include that now.

It does, but this is in regards to last season which just ended this morning. The bonus at the end which was supposed to be $10,000 was listed as only $1,000. Ludia said they would give everybody $10,000 at the end of the season. I was logged on as the season changed. The screen popped up for a $1,000 prize. I received nothing. Then, lols, immediately a sub quest in the new quest pass system I couldn’t have done gave me 25 points and 1,000 (sub quests never give ). Then the system went down for maintenance.

Hello Baladir,
The 10,000 coins will be sent via in-game mail. I believe it will occur after the update but I would have to double check the timing.