Yes, another Procerat topic

Alright, so I’m sure you have all seen the release notes.
Now tell me, why has Procerat not been changed at all?
Several of it’s more reliable counters all took hard hits, such as Quetzorion, Phorusaura, Ardentismaxima, and Smilonemys.
Even weaker dinos like Alloraptor got nerfed for no good reason.

But this epic made of 2 easy ingredients remains at large?! Not even a minor nerf?!
At least give me a very good reason…
What are your thoughts on this?

Who thinks Procerat should’ve been nerfed instead of Alloraptor (And all the other unneeded nerfs)

  • Procerat needs a nerf!
  • Nah, it should stay as an OP epic chicken

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Because Ludia… that’s why :sweat:


Because Christmas Ostrich. I dunno… :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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I don’t think there’s much to be said. We’ve already presented our arguments on the forums, it might take a while before they get to them. This update wasn’t supposed to be about creature balancing anyway (yet for some reason they half-baked their attempts at it).

Since practically everything to be said about Procera, Indo G2, Gemini, Maxima, Monolorhino, etc has been said already, for now it might be good to focus on the positives.


Because Ludia love this create ??

I suppose… they just coincidentally nerfed several of it’s counters and dinos that didn’t need to be but ignored it.
Positives: Alliance championships and roles

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At least the new rhino is immune to Distraction but of course one of these parents is an exlusive sanctuary

Seriously about the balancing battle we need another persons instead of Ludia in every patch they made so much mistakes

Seriously they nerfed wich almost people love it and is harder to create : NERF

Alloraptor was one of the favorite creatures because it’s pretty good and have a good balancing : NERF

Prorat is a ridiculously OP chicken who only need 2 rares non hybrid to create : NO CHANGES

How is possible to be as bad ?


Not only can I not understand why it didn’t receive a small nerf, I also cannot understand why people keep saying it’s “hard to create/level up”.

Proceratosaurus is one of the earliest arena exclusive DNA. You get tons of it even in the lowest arenas. In fact, if you stay in the aforementioned lower arenas, you can continuously farm it with barely any other dinos appearing in them. A friend of mine (who used Procerat before they quit playing) did just that. Orni is a day-exclusive. I can sit at home and dart multiples of it on that day, every week. There is zero challenge in getting this dino. Zero.

Meanwhile, we’ve got hybrids that use sanctuary-only dinos that received nerfs. What gives?


Remember when Procerat was first released and it was relatively balanced? Still one of the strongest epics no doubt but it was ok. I used to like it, now it’s my most hated dino in the universe. And I totally agree it’s not hard at all to level. Even if you are unlucky with incubators all procerat donations get filled in the blink of an eye.

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you’re salt to procerat is funny

2 words “boost mascot” it will only be nerfed when it gets a hybrid to take it’s op role, that’s the same reason why indos get almost no change and their counters get rendere useless


The Unfortunate Truth… I won’t be sad for anyone who loses all their boosts and coins when it finally gets a nerf… sorry

Mammotherium got a new hybrid and he lost only 80 point DMG, for Yoshi I don’t think a new hybrid it’s enough with this issue

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And look at Suchotator. Strong as ever, but it’s hybrid is getting nerfed lol.


i’m sitting on 15K procerato dna as i’m not leveling my procerath up anymore for a while. It is also a wild spawn. I’ve found 3 in the past week. (it may not seem like much, but thats a lot of a hybrid spawn)

Im like whatever with it. Dont care if it gets nerfed on not. I personally dont have trouble dealing with it even super-boosted ones. My wife struggles and curses it but i battled with her account and didn’t have trouble either despite her team having terrible team chemistry. I would use it on my team but risking a big nerf and a hybrid i held off on leveling up. Now if they came out that it wasn’t gonna get changes and/or a hybrid because they intend for it to be used newer players then i can see why they left alone. If remember correctly, it was introduced after the St. patty’s day to help against all the uniques running around in lower arenas.

I think he is kept like this for Ludia to earn money especially for tournaments when boosts and level active.

For me the most hated is Indo G2 (at least it got a small nerf), but Procerat is definitely 2nd.

I think is stronger IG2 than procera, beacuse if you´re faster of course you will hit IG2 first, but after that CS add more speed the balance change and next you will receive the rampage…

Procerath isn’t that bad. It’s annoying, but not hard to take out. It’s not great against armor and superiority strike. It took a hit with precise and definite moves, and now that superiority impact is a thing, it took another hit. if you want to discuss powerful epics, look no further than indom G2. This thing can pretty much fight any epic and win, not to mention legendaries and uniques