Yes, another thread regarding the rat. The rat has been buffed and the "rat tournament" is organized

It is hard to understand that developers do not realize the damage that the rat does to this game. For many, this filthy creature is more annoying than communication breaks or incorrect matchmakings. Many people in my alliance have been getting tired of it and leaving the game. People play for fun, not to get angry every time this bug destroys a battle.

No creature has had as many threads and dedicated commentaries as this one. Even many who use it know how annoying it can be and there has never been so much consensus that this creature so easy to create and with a huge damage should be nerfed. Not even the annoying monomimus of last summer (very difficult to create based on one of the rarest epic) became so annoying and, in this case, the creature was shattered (even too much) in later versions.

The rat had not been nerfed in several versions and, when it is announced that it will be nerfed, we actually see that it has been buffed. As I mentioned in a thread:

  1. It is true that now can not cross armor or shield, but after making the tanks irrelevant in the game (tragodistis, stegodeus, …) this does not affect almost any important creature with the exception of Tryko and Dioraja.

  2. Now she is less affected by critics than before. In my case, before this version I could have the hope that an Indoraptor or a Magna who went out to the track after seeing a partner die by the exit of the rat, will kill the rat with a critic. Now it is not enough and the rat can go and return.

  3. Now it hurts even if the opponent has invisibility. Up to this version, if I had an Indoraptor or an Erlidominus with a short life on track, I had a 50% chance of avoiding a rat attack. Now the rat can appear and kill these creatures with a 100% chance.

  4. As if all this were not enough, this version improves the statistics of the rat. The same version that destroys the Magna (one of the most difficult to create unique), the same version that turns a historical unique as Indoraptor at the level of “almost garbage” makes the rat in a machine of destruction even more effective.

and to finish round the play, they create the “rat tournament”, a tournament that to have good results you have to have a huge rat, of high level and boosted to infinity.

It is a pity that this issue and others like it (the damage to Magna and Indo among them) spoil a very positive version in other aspects after two horrible versions. We must wait again for another version, but many times are wasted.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t read it all.
But if it’s complaining about the rat and things as broken as the rat, then yes, let’s keep making threads about it until ludia is absolutely tired of reading them and they decide to do something to make this game better again.


It would have been nice if Ludia could listen to 80% of the player base and finally nerfed the rat.

Wishful thinking… :frowning:


“But it was nerfed!”

Yeah, sure, against a 1 in 30 chance of a dino having a shield up… And some armored dinos.


Exactly. Plus Ludia has boosted its attack… so hardly ANY nerf at all.

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They should have (and still should) make priority attack go before swap in attack. That’s one, albeit small, way that i can think of to even out dracocera’s dominance.


Admittedly nerfing the cloak’s effect completely did away with cloaking dinosaurs which is unfortunate because it was just percentage based and people hate losing. Dracoceratops was not really nerfed enough to take it away from being a cheap win, despite how clutch she can be. If it’s not her them it’s the hideously swollen buffed Thoraldosaurus. Honestly it’s getting to the point for me as well and I never thought I would say that. It really is getting to the point where I’m not as excited to play and I love this game. I absolutely love it.


Thor is worse. It’s hardly easier to make considering they give away Sino constantly.


It’s possible for more than one thing to be bad at a time, kids. :upside_down_face:

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I have a theory that even more players said “screw it”, boosted and leveled up their rat after seeing it would still be OP in this 1.8…

The reason for that theory is because I’m one of those players.


I wish Ludia would do something soon .
Who in their right mind would call giving it more attack power against every Dino that isn’t shielded a nerf ?
The fact is it was buffed which goes against what so many of us wanted .
But they don’t care as plenty of players use all their boosts on it , and the rest of us spend money on boosts protecting against it .

Well, it’s an extremely small nerf, but still a nerf. I’ve won matches with Stegod and Utasino thanks to their armor… the opponent was backed into a corner and had to swap… it would have killed me if it was DSR… Not to mention those who forget the change or aren’t good at math and swap in the middle of the battle thinking they will take your armored creature down :joy:


It’s day 158 and the RAT still sucks


My Noodle Titan enjoys eating rats for breakfast when they think they can take her on with a drop.

Most satisfying slap-back of a rat ever.


I’m proud to say that I haven’t caved to that yet. You’re point Is true I think as well.

I came really close during the tournament though. But I didn’t cave! :3

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Blame the boosts not the Rat.


It is like this, when they learned about the nerf, they pushed the draco to the highest levels

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But mine isn’t at higher level nor more boosted than others in my team

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Well since everyone is so sensitive in here I’ll make another post without abreviations.

GIVE THAT Problematic Overlyboosted Stinker A REAL NERF


The intensity of battles died down drastically when they introduced swap in rampage. The game has never been as fun as it was before that. It killed strategy and gives people undeserved wins.