Yes, another thread regarding the rat. The rat has been buffed and the "rat tournament" is organized

Good points. I also absolutely hate what this version did to dinos we like(Indo and Magna). I wish dodge got back to the way it was, if not, a new overhaul is necessary so dodgers are not useless. That Magna nerf is just too much, did they really have to go that far? Like you said, it’s hard to get, so imo, it deserves to be powerful. And while I never hated the rat, the attack buff it got was by no means necessary.

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i agree that no dino is more hated or complained about. no dino is more OP and game breaking. the questions i have is why was this even allowed?

ludia nerfs Magna, and nerfs cloak in the name of balancing. They nerf events by removing Tenonto in the name of balancing. every update dinos get tweaked in the name of balancing. moves get changed, new move brought in etc in the name of balancing.

YET… nothing really gets done about DC. why? why would Ludia choose to ignore a creature that is not only breaking the game for ruining all that was fun in the game. is it that ludia dont know how to fix it? have boosts created such a mess of things that they dont know how to backpeddle out of it without losing cash?

i just dont understand why nothing has really been done about this attrocity. the game is dying due to things like this. ludia does have the power to correct this but they dont. why???

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I don’t understand either why it didn’t get a serious nerf like my poor Monomimus and now Indoraptor - and it took long enough to get even this much.

Full disclosure: although I held out until well into 1.7 I caved as well and use it now, but at team level (boosted - but no more than my other dinos).

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Its not time for dracos nerf… next patch now that many have decided to boost theirs heavily…since there nerf wasnt so bad.

Of course it will also get a unique… with 1.8 stats and possibly swap in dsr.

I think so, that is the nerfed time of the rat. It is always a good time to correct the worst mistake in the game.

I agree with what you say, all of it!

Also take a look at this thread I created the other day. Check out how much strategy and thinking was required in matches before the “Rattegy” took over.

@Ludia_Developers Why cant we have these old matches back?


And its even 187 damage, Code 187 is USA police code for murder haha!

Edit: Also even Invincibility Emu Monomimus wasn’t as hated as the Rat is even at its peak with its 6-9 dodges in a match.

You see Monomimus was anger inducing, but didnt feel cheap.

It the match is 2v2 and the enemy is low on health and you have the faster dinosaur, YOU WIN!
I don’t care how boosted their rat is.

They won the match but they didnt BEAT you.

They did, though.

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Well, Noodle Titan won me those two matches by removing the rat from the board. The rest of their teams were manageable. But the best insult to injury was this:

Sneak peek of the 1.9 loading screen. So brave of Ludia to embrace how terrible the arena has become.


As a person that initially enjoyed the concept of dsr, I say right now that the game is too centered around that to be fun. At first, I found that trying to predict if the opponent would bring the rat and counter that was exciting to me. But when every game resolves around that idea it becomes repetitive, boring. Now you always expect your opponent to swap a DC whenever your hp is low enough. A meta centered around one single dino is not fun. People overboost their rats, then others overboost their thors to kill the rats, then everyone complains about thor. In the end something is getting nerfed to the ground and I just hope it’s the boosts. I don’t believe in cheap shots, if it’s in the game it’s all free state imo, but at the same time, I don’t really enjoy using it. Honestly, I hate nerfs. Especially when they make a dino people worked hard for close to useless. But the rat could be reworked in a way that satisfied the players as most hate the swap in rampage. But the most crucial thing imo are the boosts. There were never as many complaints about some dinos before those were introduced. If they were nerfed or removed then there would not be that much disparity in matches, and lets not talk about the matchmaking, everyone knows how badly it works and how boosts only made it worse.

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Very good message that I share. The swap hits are not the problem, the problem is that it has a swap hit x2 a creature so easy to get and evolve and that his blow is so powerful (because of the boost) that can kill some of the best dinos of the game (Dilo, erli, …) until being healthy. If we add the possibility of escaping thanks to regeneration and the “acute stun”, we make it a very lethal weapon. The difficult thing to understand is that they do not see that the rat can not be a Tyrant version after version and occupy the main place of the game. All battles revolve around the rat and that is not normal. Some unique ones have been garbage since their creation (stygidaryx), others unique that were good have been turned into garbage in this version (indoraptor) and instead they allow one of the legendary ones easier to build be version after version the dominator of the game . Really, no matter how many laps I give to the subject, I do not understand why they keep betting on this stinking rat that is causing players to leave the game and others just do the minimum battles to fill incubators. There must be some reason, but I am not able to see it.


There is a flaw in this plan, and that is assuming they actually read.

I have played the game from day one, love my dino’s but I give up on the game . The game has become money hungry and the boost don’t help. I’m done.

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Hola carmen
I can understand you perfectly. Every day that passes I lose a little more the illusion in the game. The rat and the Boost (and now the end of the Cloak as an add-on that has turned some creatures into garbage as an indoraptor that cost so much to evolve)) are too hard a burden. Sometimes I think about how the game could be without both elements and really, it could be a very fun game. The dinos were well thought out, some were faster, others stronger, others had tricks, but now the boosts have destroyed everything and the rat (boosted) is its maximum expression. And it’s a shame because I insist again, this version It seemed (and it seems to me) good in many other ways.