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Yes, I cheated

Yes, I cheat - I spoof my location.

But hear me out and then curse me for the cheater that I am.

I started out like everyone here, excited about this new game for which I had registered for a release notification. I did it all - hunted dinos while going on walks, staying on the bus longer than needed to see what else was there, purchased VIP membership and started buying cash during the “sales”. I had now become a paid player, a committed player - point of no return.

I’d look at all the other players atop the ivory hill with their mega hybrids - hoping to get some of my own. This was definitely not possible for me as I stayed and worked in a camp for 11 months in a year which wasn’t big enough to generate new dinos. I started buying the VIP incubators for cash and DNA. This was super expensive and just useless.

Then I found out about location spoofing, ironically from Ludia’s fair play & cheaters policy. This changed everything. I would now roam the streets around the world hunting dinos and opening supply drops. I quickly started unlocking hybrids and with the help of ongoing in-app purchases and started upgrading them. Now after 21 months, I have five level 30 beasts, maxed out with boosts; followed by an army of level 26+ hybrids. At the peak of my resources, I had more than 10 million coins and about 500,000 cash, all courtesy in-app purchases and location spoofed incubators and supply drops.

Then last week I was caught spoofing and my account was suspended for 72 hrs. Now I’m back online but I can’t play tournaments against other players. I am stuck on 6200 trophies, with no way of going up or down. This is what I deserved for spending close to 2000 USD on VIP membership and in-app purchase (yes, I spend hard earned money on mobile games). I still have half a million coins and about 170,000 cash in my account. But now I realised it’s all useless if I can’t play tournaments. I can still hunt, collect DNA, open incubators, battle AI - but no tournaments.

I knew I was cheating the moment I started spoofing, but it seemed okay considering the situation I was in - living and working in a camp which you can cross by foot in 30 mins. I thought that I was “giving back” to Ludia by in-app purchases and to my alliance by contributing majorly to the weekly targets.

But alas, cheating is cheating. Location spoofing is cheating and I did it. I don’t have any regrets in doing so - I didn’t hurt anyone - all I did was take an escalator instead of climbing the ladder. I don’t have any complaints against other players who used mods to generate coin & cash or who use backdoor hacking the code to get level 30 commons. Ludia banned me in spite of me spending a ton of money on the game - that’s unbiased commitment to their terms of service.

Anyways, I’ll keep logging in to the game and trying my luck with tournaments, but I’m not too hopeful about it. Eventually I’ll have to quit the game all together, but today’s not the day. Let’s keep trying!!!

Good luck everyone.


This is gonna be closed pretty soon now.

Cheating is cheating. If you know it was wrong, you shouldn’t have been doing it.

Paying money for in game things while doing it is not a bribe to have the company ignore your activities

Still wish you the best of luck.


Is this sob story meant to excuse your blatant cheating and breaking of TOS? Buh bye.


I think you guys are missing the bigger picture. Yeah he cheater, got caught and got banned. End of story. The bigger question is how is it possible for them to have spoofed for 21 months before they got banned.

The players want answers. Not being told to “take a breath” @J.C.

What kind of game allows this type of cheating for so long. And even worse unlimited darting attempts on event dinos. What kind of company is this? Special @E.D.

How about addressing the community for ince rather than just posting an event notice once a week.


Okay, I’m a noob in these things but what is " backdoor hacking the code" ?

As for the poster his story, if you pay for 2 boxes of candy and you take 3 then it’s still stealing. No matter what the reasons are.

But still best of luck to you.


You’re owning it.
No hate here.
Hopefully it’s a lesson learned.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do going forth.


because they haven’t stopped spoofing. so even ludia knows it’s kinda pointless to ban people because they can just start a new account and start spoofing again.

This Game Bans cheaters much faster than most mobile games lol…

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Three months of complaining by many players to get some bans on the leaderboard doesnt sound very fast.

Imagine Pokemon Go where people been cheating for 4 years… the end :slight_smile: 3 months is NOTHING…


And unlike Niantic… Ludia actually does something about it. Or atleast tries to.


21 months is the time passed since game release. the player didn’t tell when exactly started to spoof.

but i found interesting this:

how many cheaters (and cheating techniques) there are in jwa? :scream:

and this:

the player laughs in our faces, saying will keep doing it?

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I just want maps back.


What have they done? Ban accounts? They have level 30 uniques again in 2 months. How long has this darting glitch been around? It’s even worse then spoofing.

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It does matter because the more ludia keeps resetting cheaters the more the cheaters are gonna get bored and the faster they’ll stop

Integrity means doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: $2 thousand dollars :joy:


Ahhh… could’ve chilled and relaxed at a nice beach, water park, epic view, and everything… :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh don’t forget the part where you could rather do things in life than waste $ on boosts


That’s some serious hacking that is more than just spoofing location or abusing bugs in the game. It requires some more heavy weight tools to break into the game core, memory and storage and try to find things to change that don’t break your account. I’m not sure how possible that is in JWA, but judging by how easy it is to get unlimited attempts on dinos, this should be possible too.

But OP, thanks for the 2000 dollars. Compensates my lack of paying :stuck_out_tongue: