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Yes! It has finally happened!

YEESSS!! Gllimimus and monolophosaurus are featured this week!! Now is my chance to get monomimus!! Awsome!!
Do you think that i can get enough DNA to get both dinos to the right LVL?? I hope so!


You are posting this 2 days into the event. Hoping you got the Gallimus.

Good luck darting mono, he’s a fast bugger.

I’d say unlikely. You still need (based on the start of the event which is closer to ending for Galli) 4,050 Galli dna.

4,050 / 48 attempts = 84.3, therefore average of 85 dna per dart. You get 20 dna per direct hit.

However, that would be if you actually get 48 Gallis to dart over the 3 days. With the way event drops are right now, and also shared with 3 other dinos, i’d say your chances are slim at getting Galli to lvl 15, but even if you do you wouldn’t really get much to fuse.

Ended 4.5 hours ago. It’s Dilophosaurus time for a few days.

Oh I keep thinking it’s Tuesday because I had Monday off work which felt like Sunday so my week is all mixed up. Also i’m away this weekend which mess up the epic event for me, so i’ve decided to just give this whole event a miss and a week off grinding! :grinning:

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