Yes or no

I love using ankylocodon but I’m quite short on coins, hoping to get my I rex up to level 20 (it’s 19) after I’ve gotten more t rex, do people think its worth it?? Do I level it up to 19

These type of questions cannot be answered correctly without knowing where you are in the arena, how close you are to better dinos in similar roles, and what you run now or are close to running.

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This is my team, I’m at 3.5k, been here for months. Don’t have any other legendaries other than what you see here. I also dont have any over levelled commons etc

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Let’s start with the drawback.

  1. Ankylocodon has a terrible damage stat. At 800 for lv 26 I believe it is the fourth worst in the game. While others in that range have counter or other tricks to make that statistic less terrible this dino does not. While it has 2 1.5 moves this attack stat still leaves it flailing in most scenarios depending on competition of course.

  2. Speed. 107 speed means it can naturally outspeed some tanks and dinos that act like tanks but not all.


  1. Immunity. This is the true upside to this dino. While it can slow you it cannot be slowed. It also has a slow move that will generally go first. It will hold this speed advantage for two turns meaning that poor speed stat is somewhat countered.

  2. Good armor stat and crit stat.

Conclusion: I would not rely on carrying this dino up as I climb. It will inevitably be a weak spot compared to other options unless very much over the level of the competition and keeping it that way would be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. I would use it at the level you have it but work hard at developing better counters as even with all that work it will never shine as currently designed. Many that are overleveled once took advantage of a glitch that allowed it to not have its shield broken. With that gone this is a sad dino.


Personally I would not level it any further, but I would instead spend the coin on levelling up your Stegocera as its got good damage and stuns like crazy!

I still have mine in my team at level 23 and im at 4500 rating!


I love my ankylocodon! I call him my puppy. Currently saving coins to level up to 23. I’m at 4300 trophies and he’s always helpful for me.


do you find yourself swapping him in and out often or do you go head to head with dinos to the death? is he more of a cleaner or a good starter etc…?

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I don’t start with him, unless he’s the only armor on the team. He’s immune, and unless they can break his shield, he lasts really well.

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I have a feeling that, assuming the upcoming change to SS is accurate, when that drops, Ankylocodon will suddenly come one of the best, if not the best tank in game. All because of its immunity, and can’t be DoT’d. May be missing something being tired after a few long days at work, but iirc its the only tank with passive immunity. Yeah, its still slow and not a great attack, but being able to have a reliable, solid all around tank still will be a great thing.


After looking at all the comments, I’ve decided not to level it up, going to see what the next update brings, has helped me in lots of situations so it was kind of a hard decision