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Yes, the blood is optional

If you don’t know where to turn it off, hit your level number on the top-left corner of your screen. Then you can hit a Settings tab and turn blood off.

I prefer playing without it, but thank you Ludia for the option! I like having options. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the info! I found the new blood effects to be a little nauseating. Hopefully your post will help the weenies like myself who don’t really like seeing the vomit-looking blood splattering everywhere.

Would have been great if they, you know, would have told us this…

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True. Thank goodness @Kadaxas has it covered and told us where we can go to turn it off. I’ve had three battles today and that was about all I could stomach.

Maybe he could write the release notes for @Jorge next time! :wink:

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I turned sound back on briefly just to hear what a strike tower battle sounded like. When I turned the sounds back off the blood went away, even though I didn’t turn it off yet. Can’t say I’ll miss it. I’d rather see boosts gone for good!

EDIT: The blood came back for the scent strike.

Thank you. It’s a nice addition but I don’t need it.