Yesterday was a real failure...🙄

So yesterday when I got out of school, I was really excited, I happily did the sino strike…and got 5000 ophiacodon, 600 gorgosaurus and 200 concave :rage:

Then I looked for the legendaries and I found NOTHING, even though there were “many” green drops

Then I learned about the snake strike and went to look for it…the whole city apparently had only ONE and the car was heading in the opposite direction, at 11 PM so I couldn’t do it :rage:

At 8 PM approximately, I went out look for legendaries again…I saw like 6 drops on 1 hour and 5 had either allosino or indom.:roll_eyes: I only found ONE indoraptor g2 at 56 meters, and the darting screen was laggy as usual

Also, by the time I figured out indoraptor was nonexistant, it was too late to dart anything because I couldn’t find more legendary

I looked forward to this day for 1 week and it was a complete letdown :sob:, although I should’ve already learned to expect nothing from ludia, and if I do expect something, it has to be with expectations of it being glitchy, horrible or nonexistent


I got a lot of Stygimoloch and Tupandactylus, so I’m kinda in the same position except most of the stops had rares and Alloraptor


My game on mobile data was laggier than ever yesterday. I assumed it was related to the amount of traffic my service provider was experiencing during the holiday, but still it made the event worse than it should have been.

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My game always lags when darting legendaries and uniques, I dont know why, but even the darting screen takes forever to load and is very laggy

Yesterday I only darted one Utasino. Was planning on darting more today. So I see this Utasino in a park. I go near it and… it poofs. The event drop stays empty for the rest of the last freaking hour! At least I found an Indominus somewhere further from the park. Darted Alosino since that was the only thing I don’t have yet, but I am not really working toward Thor. So that’s how the legendary darting went for me. Found the snake strike yesterday and the sino today.

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Sorry to hear from those who had bad experiences. For my location (SW UK) the balance was pretty much perfect - enough legendary event drops without swamping the map. Was able to dart the legendaries while hunting down the last of the 24 Echos. My main account got all 3 Indo G2s; my alt account darted 2 Alloraptors (enough to create it) and an Indo G2.

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Total failure here too. Only able to find one alloraptor. Impossible to find more. And then i went to look today and forgot It was only for yesterday. Ugh.

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It’s fair to say only half of the players actually got chance to dart the legendarys therefore ludia need to compensate the ones who didn’t dart any at all due to lack of stops.

Some people traveled miles looking and not a single one.


Same story here.
When you miss a Strike Event reward not because you can’t beat it, but because you can’t find it, you know something is horribly wrong.
I got zero attempts on Legendaries :sob:.

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I feel the same way and I am in the same boat… I would be very curious to see if any of the Moderators on here had any trouble finding as well???

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Me too!
@Ned, how was your day?

@Ned @John @Sara

How did you all fare on the epic strikes and Legendary dinos yesterday…

Hope you were able to get something!

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It was one of the worst special events they made for us. Some people didn’t see epic strike towers or legendary dinos and finding snakes is almost impossible unless you use an epic scent.

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I saw muy first epic Snake while i searched for the legends, but it dissapeared immediatly because I Was on a car :cry:

I never had any legendaries on my map all day. Talk about cheated :rage:

I restarted my app tons of times but never found even 1.

Edit: if we did get compensation, I’d love my share of Alloraptor please and thank you

I’m also annoyed that they added the Sinoceratops strike event so late in the day… I do NOT go out on weekends (too crowded, I can’t handle it) so I knew when it appeared that I’d have to miss that one.

Oh, and today? Guess what? There are barely ANY green drops again.

Please, Ludia just… Remove completed strike events. I’m almost positive that will solve this mess, considering how many of them take the place of green drops.


:disappointed_relieved: I know that sad feeling well. I was riding around in a car yesterday and there was a Woolly Rhino way out of range. Unfortunately we were in the left lane in heavy traffic (it was towards our right). There would have been no way I could convince the driver to take a detour.

Btw, happy cake day.

Although today is not my birthday :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i am pretty sure i wrote the correct date when i registered? But i was wondering what was the cake emote :sweat_smile:

I think so. Lol :sweat_smile:

I though today was some sort of Cake Day in canada or something :joy: